The KeplerSwap Ecosystem Review

8 Jul 2022

We will be looking at some key terms in the Keplerswap Metaverse.


The Kepler Exchange is a decentralized exchange that allows easy exchange of digital assets with sufficient liquidity and low slippage. This would be available in the Binance Smart Chain.

Trading Fee

The fees generated by KeplerSwap have been dedicated as incentives for loyal users. A great proportion of the trading fees would be allocated to users who contribute positively to the platform.

Referral Program

The Kepler referral program is aimed at rewarding hardworking users who invite friends to come trade on KeplerSwap, this offer is for life, as long as a user uses KeplerSwap, who so ever referred Him or Her would continuously earn rewards.

Lucky Pool

The lucky pool is a way of encouraging users to add liquidity to pools on KeplerSwap. This is achieved by randomly rewarding liquidity providers with high-value rewards.

SPACE Function

SPACE is a medium by which Kepler's Decentralized governance can be achieved. Users of Kepler through SPACE would be able to connect together, expand their benefits and have community autonomy in the Kepler Ecosystem.

Liquidity Pool

The Liquidity Pool is a means in a means by which Users can support the ecosystem. By providing liquidity, the general performance of KeplerSwap would be optimised.


This would be necessary to exchange digital assets between different public chains.

Flash Loan Lending

In the decentralized financial. Defi 2.0 KeplerSwap network, all this is given a more convenient. smarter and epoch-making change.

Open Technology and Innovation

As the explorer of DeFi 2.0, KeplerSwap aims to make the platform the most open and innovative decentralized ecosystem.

Open Finance and Innovation

KeplerSwap aims to establish a completely open financial innovation platform. Where all the platform members have the right to propose financial innovations. After the vote is passed, all members can jointly complete the proposed financial innovation

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This a great review of the Kepler Ecosystem, they seem promising. I will do well to check them when I can, thank you for sharing the info with Us. I will do well to drop a feedback on it