7 Jan 2023

Selection of Carpets
The onus of maintaining carpets is on the housekeeping department, whether it is the
daily cleaning or the longer-term carpet-cleaning schedule. It is therefore imperat
that the executive housekeeper knows which types of carpets suit the purpose of van
ous areas in the hotel and is also allowed a say in selecting carpets for the property.
Once the types of carpets to be used are decided on, a specification sheet needs to be
prepared for the dealre sex that the righe delivered. The factors that g
de selection of an sppropriats carpet a
Though the eve of the carpet
it is essential that the night in the wo
nomical wall will carpeting will be moce e ball
squares. Depending on their carpets may be catega follows
Body or strip carpeting The narrow widof cong
Pont des
is either 27 inches of 36 inches Such argeting hamabody with and dinn
matched when the strips are joied in beying down close tinted or wall will carpeting
Breadloom carpeting Carpets that are available a wild wider than bodyp
are known as broadloon"
broadloom carpets are al available in a width of 18 8. Talled broadloom carpenare
como de 128 and 15 & S
made in widths of 3 6 10% ihes o 13 10% inches Bloom good choi
a fitted carpet if there is a width corresponding deely to one of the trements of
the room, and the rooms is of a gular shape
Carpet squares These are loose carpet podranges
The advantage of carpet spares is that they can be turned
Carpet'squares are not necessarily
9 inches x 4 h. and they are often erer. The silly more than h
are also made up from 128 lengilm of tamadioom with the edges bound
12 squares o 9x12 Begles Septes
Carpet tiles These range fin 9 inches square in 20 inches square. A popular se
the 12 inch square. These tiles are sold in packs of time, and can be laid down loose of
stuck down. Some have a self-adhesive backing that makes them easy to lay and allows
them to be removed if necessary. Some files forma patern when properly oriented
against others; others are of plain carpeting
all their edges seadmed
and to even out weat
Stair carpets These usually come in widths of 18 inches and 22 inches. They may
be plain or have a patterned or coloured border
Rugs and mats These are normally oblong and should be less than 69 inches 4 ft.
with all theis edges neatened. Rugs and mats can be placed in areas of heavy use to
save wear on the carpet.
Manufacturers usually classify their carpets according to the purpose for which they are
recommended. The six common categories are:
Light domestic use These are for bedrooms and other rooms that see light use in homes.
Light contract use/medium domestic use These are for medium use in hotels and for
home bedrooms exposed to light use
Medium contract use/general domestic use These are for general use in the home and
for hotel bedrooms or public rooms that see medium use

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