8 Feb 2023

The heart's talk

I thought we love

Not until I saw we broke

You with the pains

And I with the aches

Chasing like cat meet mouse

Thats our circle

Maybe love or pain

But I know I am a fool

For falling so deep

It was love I craved

And not this game you play

With my heart on a stick

Like olden days mushroom

Now I come to see

In my lonesome of nights

That I am truly alone

And chasing a shadow

Of a dream I cannot explain

Maybe somewhere now

Or something between

I will stumble on a truth

That will make me glitter

It will be a dream come true

Of a fairy tale lover

She will hold my hand

And in the sunset we'll ride

She will call my name

And time will cease

For she is my lover

My one true love love.

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