Blogging on web 3.0 with the Bulb App

6 Jul 2022

We are in that era where the internet is slowly tilting towards web 3.0 - the third generation of the internet. We have come a long way with the evolution of the world wide wide. There are a vast number of opportunities that accompany web 3.0. This era of web 3.0 is being fueled by decentralization, machine learning, leveraged blockchain technology as well as artificial intelligence. With this, real world human communication is achievable. Also, with web 3.0, users are in control of their data and privacy is put into consideration. One can trade their data without losing ownership, having need for intermediaries or exposing themselves to privacy risks. Basically, you  can interact with the web without having to give out your personal information. This evolution of the internet to web 3.0 is as a result of digitization of assets through tokenization.

When it comes to tokenization, assets and rights are converted into a digital representation, a token or a blockchain network. One form of digital currency are cryptocurrencies and fungible tokens which can be traded across networks, driving a new business model that democratizes finance and commerce. Another form will be the non fungible tokens (NFTs) which are units of data that represent unique assets such as avatars, digital art, or trading cards, that can be owned by users and monetized for their own gain. One of the many activities one can perform with web 3.0 is blogging.


Blogging generally refers to writing, photography, as well as other forms of media that self-published online.  With web 2.0, a blogger has the option of setting up their own website or publish their content on already existing platforms such as MediumSubstackGhost, or WordPress. However, it is quite difficult for most bloggers to gain income from these platforms as there are often curtailed by the intervention of large conglomerates such as Google. In addition, consumers have become increasingly wary of sharing their data with creators.

This begs the attention of web 3.0. Here, creators have the opportunity to give their readers a more personalized experience. Being a creator, you have more say in how your content is consumed and who it is shared with. You can also lock in your audience and take subscription lists with you anywhere. One of those unique web 3.0 blogging platforms is the BULB APP. 


The Bulb community is one I have come to immensely enjoy. Truly, its the best crypto-based blogging platform that rewards users with $BULB tokens for their engagement. I like the do-to-earn concept behind Bulb. It is not everyday you come across a platform that allows you to read-to-earn and write-to-earn. The system with bulb is quite unique. The daily finite amount of energy given out to users works well to avoid spam content. Being here, I have discovered that one can earn $BULB tokens by collecting the various classes of the BULBmoji. Be active in reading, commenting, reacting and sharing on the platform and you will find that you are earning from your interaction.

The Bulb App really goes it show the beauty of blogging with web 3.0. It is also quite easy to get started with Bulb. If you have a web browser like chrome, a Solana address, a phantom wallet, raydium as well as discord, then exploring web 3.0 with the Bulb App is game!
What's more? With the $BULB earned, one has the option of either hodling the tokens in their wallet or better still, one can spend it on NFTs, premium articles and other tradeables on the platform.

I love the thrill of blogging with the Bulb App and interacting with the community. How about you?


Write & Read to Earn with BULB

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Blogging is a great way to express one’s self and bulb has given us a platform to do so in a decentralized environment
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This is amazing
This is the futuristic project
Bulb is still a top web 3 blogging platform for me!! So excited to be here
I am very interested in it
The Bulb website is actually leading web3 blogging platforms
Fantastic article so eloquently explains what BULB is all about. It’s great to be a part of it for sure
This is what building BULB is all about! Rewarding ideas, passion and engagement. Glad that you also share the same vision as the BULB Team and we can’t wait to have you continue in this journey with us!
Couldn't agree more!! The "do-to-earn" model behind Bulb makes it accessible to a wide range of people especially those who are just getting started with blogging. This is one of my favourite things about it!!
Let's hope best for the bulb tokens. Great article. Nice one
MBA ChitChat
There are sharp observations about BULB and relate it in your articulation of Web 3.0 and blogging.
This article provides a great overview of the benefits of using the Bulb app for blogging on the web 3.0. The app's user-friendly interface and easy integration with other platforms make it a great option for bloggers looking to take their content to the next level.
My experience here on bulb has been pretty amazing. This is a very good opportunity that writers shouldn't miss out on
This is very comprehensive. Thanks for sharing.
It's really an great opportunity for the writers, bloggers as well as the vloggers
Bulb has provided us a great platform