6 Jan 2023

Over the last year, decentralized finance, or "DeFi," has been one of the trendiest topics in the crypto community. Many people are interested in finding out if DeFi would save cryptocurrencies, bring it into the mainstream and help it to reach its full potential.

To address this question, you must first understand what DeFi is and how it operates. Simply defined, DeFi is a movement aimed at bringing financial services such as borrowing, lending, and trading on the blockchain. By doing this, supporters of DeFi want to build a more open, trustworthy, and inclusive financial system.

One of the major benefits of DeFi is that it enables users to obtain financial services without the need of middlemen such as banks or credit card firms. This not only lowers expenses, but also makes it simpler for those in underbanked or unbanked areas to have access to financial services.

DeFi has the ability to make financial services more secure as well as more accessible. DeFi protocols are decentralized and immune to manipulation or censorship since they are founded on blockchain technology. This makes them invulnerable to fraud and makes it easier for users to safeguard their assets.

There are several exciting DeFi projects available today, each with its own distinct emphasis and approach. Some DeFi services, for example, are focused on lending and borrowing, allowing users to earn interest or borrow against their crypto assets. Others are focused on decentralized exchanges, which allow users to trade crypto assets in a fully decentralized and safe environment.

Ethereum, which has become the go-to platform for DeFi development, is one of the most popular DeFi ecosystems. The smart contract features of Ethereum make it simple for developers to create decentralized apps (DApps) that interact with the Ethereum network. This has resulted in the development of a wide range of DApps, such as stablecoins, lending systems, and prediction markets.

In addition to Ethereum, other blockchain technologies specializing on DeFi include EOS, TRON, and Binance Smart Chain. These platforms are competing to be the main DeFi platform, and it will be fascinating to observe how the ecosystems change over time.

The introduction of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) is another exciting feature of DeFi. NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital assets that indicate ownership of a particular item or piece of material, such as a work of art or a collectable. Because NFTs are stored on the blockchain, they are verifiable and secure.

NFTs have become increasingly popular in the DeFi ecosystem because they, like any other digital asset, can be purchased and traded on decentralized exchanges. This has resulted in the establishment of NFT markets, where users may purchase and sell NFTs with one another.
OpenSea is one of the most well-known NFT markets, allowing users to purchase and trade NFTs of various types, including art, collectibles, and even virtual real estate. 

The emergence of NFTs in the DeFi space is an exciting development that has the potential to change our perception of digital ownership. NFTs have already been used to sell anything from art and collectibles to virtual real estate and even tweets, and it's probable that NFTs will be utilized in even more inventive ways in the future.

But, will DeFi save crypto? 

It's too soon to tell for sure, but it has the potential to be a game changer. DeFi has the potential to make cryptocurrency more accessible, transparent, and safe by integrating financial services onto the blockchain. This has the potential to attract more individuals to the web3 space and increase cryptocurrency adoption.

Despite all the hype around DeFi, it is still in its early stages. From lending and borrowing to decentralized exchanges and NFTs, DeFi has the ability to disrupt the financial industry and bring crypto into the mainstream. While there are still risks and issues to be addressed, such as scalability and security, the future looks bright for DeFi and it could very well play a significant part in the future of crypto.

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