Life is harder

28 Mar 2023

They say life is hard, but they have no idea what it's like to get up every day and go to school just so someone can test you and show you're an idiot.

The teacher comments that you clearly didn't try, but they are unaware that you went to your room and sobbed.

They just don't realize you're not that brilliant, despite the fact that you put in the effort and did your part.

The pressure from your parents then follows.

who are so blatantly disappointed with your poor results.

Because you ultimately gave up on your prospective career, you are penalized and ridiculed for the remainder of the year.

That was so close once, but not anymore.
Your parents and teachers are adamant, though.

Just waking up and going to class is difficult enough.
Without the pressure and requirement to succeed.

But the worst thing about you isn't that you let me down.

It's the constant humiliation of consistently falling short and finishing last, of never being good enough, and your confidence plummeting.

Everyone else appears to be functioning normally.
Unlike my parents, all of their parents are happy.

I honestly can't think of a worse place than this, even though it's been painted as a place we should avoid.

I won't miss it, and I'll be happy to go.
I spent five years because I only ever experienced failure.

I am aware that I am to responsible for it and that it is my fault.

I gave up so quickly because I felt guilty.
I'm a failure to my family and a failure to myself.

The unrealistic demands of everyone harmed my metal health.

If I ever have children, I'll make an effort to prevent their crying ever being caused by a fear of failing.

People need to recognize that education is no longer enjoyable or beneficial since some of us don't fit in, despite our best efforts.

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