Spoiler Free Review of Love and Thunder.

9 Jul 2022

I just came to write the blogs in Thor Love and Thunder after I watched it. Of course , many of  you haven't watched it till now , so it will be spoiler free review.
This movie casts as seen from trailer are Chris Hemsworth as Thor , Jane Foster as The mighty Thor , Christine Bale as Gorr , and many others and film was directed by Taika Waitti ,the same director that made marvel masterpiece Thor Ragnarok . With this in mind, what about Thor love and Thunder.
Thor Love and Thunder explores more about space vikings of Thor and other gods. The performance of actor as good , I mean above average . They have outstandly perfromed waht they are told to so. Apart from perfromance, VFX and other cinematography are also good. Some story has been changed as from comics. 
The negative aspect from my point's of view is that , Movie has lots of fun and the film actually sounds like Parody of Thor just to entertain the massive people. Movie on great and dark times brust with laughter within seconds. Action and Fight sequecne are also good and Gorr role has been underrated and screen time is very low. Most of the scenes, other than of major casts which could be relevant are not shown. 
Thus , in final This movie has lots of funny scence and good VFX and actor performance but with less screen time. If you cann't wait for at least 45 days to be released in OTT platfroms , you can watch it on near thretres. It has many wow moments but not momeroable moments. For me ,experencing all things in movies , it's about 6.5-7.5 out of 10.

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Thanks for the review😁. But then no thanks for the spoiler 🥺
Great review by a good personality person Always loved it character.
Yes i watched this movie i loved it and the character of gorr was amazing. Mary jane acting and action was also good and thorr always at its best.
It's really a good by you draxpart. The one who didn't watch the whole movie can really refer to this whether they will watch or not. Really great efforts drax. Thanks
I love this movie
Great review of the thor and thunder
Nice movie
I don't see this at now, but as your article i want to see in hd quality.
It's really a great review by the man
But Stan Lee is missed greatly at marvel
I tried my best not to read this, as i haven't watched the movie yet