Take a break :3

16 Nov 2023

Take a minute to take a break from cryptocurrency and look at this cutie:

This is a Gerbil :D
They are mostly night animals, but you can take such beautiful photos in rare moments if you have patience.

Gerbils are known for being friendly and active pets who enjoy digging and creating burrows. They are intelligent and playful, often engaging with toys. Gerbils rely on their sense of smell, foot drumming, and various vocalizations to communicate.
They are popular pets due to being low-maintenance and odor-free, but they do have specific requirements for their well-being.
Because they are social animals, gerbils should live in pairs or groups, and their lifespan is typically 3-4 years.
Gerbils are diurnal creatures, active both during the day and night, but their quick movements make them unsuitable for young children as pets, requiring adult supervision during handling.
Now you know a little more about gerbils :)

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