Purely fictional

5 Sept 2022

As this ink runs, the paper stains with words.
Words that may hurt you or me because my emotions are the ink.
Months ago, I was stucked with a problem of indecisiveness.

I usually make decisions that'll favor others even when I know I'll hurt myself in the process. But I never cared as long as the other person benefits greatly from these decisions.

This seems like love but it's zero percent self-love. I can't save others from being sad and when I'm sad, no one saves me.
Now getting straight to the point I'm trying to make.
Few months ago, I was caught up in a dilemma. I had to make the hardest decision ever.
Whenever you tell me you love me, I weep within. Why?
Because everytime I say same, I get attached.

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Must've been fictional, I can't remember
One thing I like about all your written pieces, is your ability to play with words effortlessly just look at the title of this one You call it purely fiction yet you make me feel like it's real