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30 May 2023

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The 2024 U.S. Presidential election is already shaping to be interesting, with new candidates emerging and old faces likely to return. Another potential contender could emerge as a key player in the drama – Bitcoin.

But what would happen if a political candidate started openly endorsing Bitcoin? And could cryptocurrency play a decisive role in who ultimately wins the White House? In this blog post, we'll explore these questions and more.

Political Promise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin has divided political views among governments worldwide. However, some politicians view it as a positive development that facilitates decentralization and promotes innovation in the financial sector.

In contrast, others view it negatively due to its unregulated nature and potential use in illegal activities such as money laundering and tax evasion.

Bitcoin's growing bipartisan political support will defend it from tail risks.

Governments have taken various approaches to regulating cryptocurrency, from outright banning to setting up frameworks to govern its operation within their jurisdiction.

Despite this polarization of opinions among political leaders, the use of cryptocurrency continues to grow rapidly worldwide as people seek alternative ways of transacting and storing value outside traditional financial systems.

Bitcoin: 2024 USA Elections

As the world becomes more digitized, cryptocurrency has increasingly gained mainstream acceptance as a legitimate investment.

In the United States, political candidates have taken notice of this trend, with many adding pro-Bitcoin stances to their platforms ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election.

Which 2024 U.S. Presidential Candidates are PRO-BITCOIN? - Altcoin Daily

This move reflects a shift towards recognizing Bitcoin as an asset class on par with traditional investments such as stocks and bonds.

With politicians from both sides of the aisle voicing support for Bitcoin, it's clear that cryptocurrency is becoming an important issue for voters going into the next election cycle.

The 2024 Presidential Election is shaping up to be where digital assets like Bitcoin will play a significant role in shaping policy decisions at the highest levels of government.


Republicans in the United States have a mixed stance regarding Bitcoin. Some GOP politicians are staunch supporters of cryptocurrency and view it as a way to protect against inflation and government overreach.

Other Republicans have expressed skepticism about Bitcoin's lack of regulation and potential for use in illegal activities. However, despite this division within the party, there is growing interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies among Democrats and Republicans as they become increasingly mainstream.

DeSantis and Bitcoin

During a recent Twitter space conversation with Elon Musk, Florida's governor and the Republican Party's newest leadership candidate, Ron DeSantis, expressed his views on cryptocurrency and central bank digital currencies.

Live | DeSantis during a Twitter conversation with Elon Musk

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been a vocal proponent of cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, and has taken steps to promote its use within the state.

In May of 2021, he demonstrated his support by signing legislation that defines virtual currency in state statutes and clarifies that individuals are free to trade cryptocurrency without obtaining a license.

Gov. DeSantis Seeks 'Crypto Friendly' Florida

This move is significant as it removes unnecessary regulations that could have hindered the growth of the cryptocurrency industry within Florida. Given his track record, it seems likely that DeSantis will continue to advocate for policies that encourage the adoption and use of Bitcoin in Florida.

Trump "Not a Fan of Bitcoin"

Donald Trump, the former Republican president currently considered the favored nominee for the GOP in the upcoming presidential election, has publicly expressed his lack of enthusiasm regarding Bitcoin.

Despite his reputation as a shrewd businessman, Trump has clarified that he does not support the world's most popular cryptocurrency.

Trump on Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies: 'I am not a fan' - USA Today

He has gone on record stating that he is "not a fan of Bitcoin." This sentiment might surprise some, considering that Trump himself has dabbled in digital assets in recent years.

Most notably, he recently became involved in the booming NFT market, selling collectible tokens featuring his likeness and signature.

Nonetheless, when it comes to Bitcoin specifically, the former president seems unconvinced. It remains to be seen how this stance will influence his policies and potential actions if he were to be elected again in 2022.

Vivek Ramaswamy

Republican Pharmaceutical Firm Founder Shows Pro-Crypto Stance, Says Bitcoin Should Not Be Regulated as a Security

Vivek Ramaswamy, the founder of a pharmaceutical firm affiliated with the Republican Party, has expressed his support for cryptocurrency and believes that Bitcoin should not be regulated as a security.

Vivek Ramaswamy on Bitcoin - Bitcoin 2023

Despite being considered an unlikely nominee for the party, Ramaswamy tweeted in mid-May about his stance on cryptocurrency and announced at the Bitcoin 2023 conference that he would accept campaign donations made in Bitcoin.

As more politicians begin to show their support for cryptocurrency, it remains to be seen how regulatory bodies will handle this emerging technology and its impact on traditional financial systems.

Tim Scott

Republican Senator Tim Scott has not yet announced his crypto policies. However, the senator previously proposed plans to create a bipartisan regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies.

Sen. Tim Scott To Unveil Priorities for Bipartisan Crypto Regulatory Framework

While it remains to be seen whether these plans will gain traction, they suggest that Senator Scott recognizes the importance of bringing together lawmakers from both sides of the aisle to address the challenges and opportunities presented by digital assets.

As such, cryptocurrency advocates and industry stakeholders will likely continue to monitor the senator's statements and actions in the coming months.


The Democratic Party in the United States has a mixed stance on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Some Democrats have supported digital currencies, viewing them as a financial empowerment and innovation tool.

Others have expressed concern about the risks associated with unregulated digital assets, such as money laundering and market instability. Additionally, some Democrats have called for increased regulation of the cryptocurrency industry to protect consumers and prevent illegal activities.

The Democratic stance on Bitcoin remains uncertain and may evolve as the technology develops.

Biden Administration

The Biden administration's views on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been a topic of concern within the crypto industry as of late.

Recent actions taken by the U.S. government towards Coinbase and Binance have caused further unease, with some speculating that political motivations may be at play.

Biden signs executive order on cryptocurrency.

While the administration has not indicated its stance on Bitcoin, some officials have expressed skepticism. This uncertainty has led to increased scrutiny of regulatory actions against crypto exchanges, with many calling for more transparency in the decision-making process.

As regulatory efforts continue to intensify, stakeholders in the industry are closely watching how the Biden administration will approach this rapidly evolving sector.

It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold, but it is clear that both sides need to find a way to work together to ensure a stable and prosperous future for the industry.

Robert Kennedy Jr

Robert Kennedy Jr., an environmentalist turned presidential candidate, is set to make his campaign debut at a Bitcoin conference.

Recently, he has been positioning himself as a defender of cryptocurrency, despite concerns over its massive environmental impact.

Robert F Kennedy Jr Keynote - Bitcoin 2023

With this move, Kennedy appears to be trying to balance his environmental advocacy and his support for digital currency. It remains to be seen how his stance on this issue will affect his presidential bid, but it is clear that he is committed to engaging with the crypto community and addressing their concerns.

Marianne Williamson

Although Marianne Williamson has not directly commented on the Canadian government's decision to block crypto wallets during the 2022 trucker protests, she has expressed her disappointment with the incident.

Canada, are you okay…?

Williamson, a Democrat running for political office, has implied that she believes the government should not have taken such measures and has called other politicians to stand up for individual rights and freedoms.

While her stance on cryptocurrency regulation is unclear, it is clear that Williamson values individuals' right to use their assets freely.

Political Implications

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have led to a divided opinion amongst politicians in the United States. While some have been vocal advocates of digital currencies, others are yet to be convinced by their merits.

If proponents of cryptocurrencies gain power, we can expect friendly policies toward digital currencies. This could result in a surge in Bitcoin's adoption and an increase in its overall value.

Conversely, candidates with a negative view of cryptocurrencies may advocate for stricter regulations or restrictions limiting their use and growth potential.

As such, it's important for supporters of digital currencies to closely monitor the U.S. presidential campaigns and make informed decisions when it comes time to vote.

That Being Said

Bitcoin isn't going anywhere anytime soon. However, politicians will likely start noticing as more and more people become interested in this new form of finance.

While many people were initially skeptical of this new form of finance, it has since proven to be a legitimate and viable option for those looking to diversify their investment portfolios or participate in a decentralized financial system. Whether or not we see a candidate openly endorsing Bitcoin in 2024 remains to be seen – but it's certainly a possibility worth keeping an eye on.

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bitcoin forever!
For a presidential aspirant to bootstrap his campaign at a Bitcoin conference show while the Blockchain is staying no matter what. Let's see if Robert Kennedy Jr will make the white house.
It's mind blowing a candidate like DeSantis, who has abused government power in Florida to invade people's private lives and ban books and ways of thinking he feels are "incorrect" should now be saying he's supporting Bitcoin as a protection against Big Government! All while also saying if he was elected President he would use that power to enforce conservative ideals on Americans, whether they wanted them or not, strongly hinting that would include religious ideals. A liar is a liar. And DeSantis is a liar. As is Trump and many of the GOP candidates. The sooner they're condemned to dustbin of history and possible prison cells the better.
Robert F Kennedy Jr. Supporting decentralization and potentially wants to be the president. Will Hungry power drunk White Americans control freaks allow this?
Ich bin ein Bitcoiner! I had a dream of a bitcoin!
Today, I stand before you as the President of this great nation, and I want to address the transformative power of Bitcoin. The rise of cryptocurrencies, led by Bitcoin, has brought about a new era of decentralized finance and technological innovation. It represents a paradigm shift in how we perceive and interact with money.