A Piece for Medical Students

17 Feb 2023

Students in the university studying medicine and surgery and other allied medical courses are prone to adopting the culture of utilizing all their time, effort, energy and money towards acquiring knowledge that is related to their field. This make most if not all of them neglect the most importanc trend that is sweeping through the nooks and crannies of their dreamed occupation which is the impact of technology in the health sector of the world.
It is worthy to note as well cas commit to memory that as a medical student in the twenty first century, you are not employed based on your certification but based on what you have to offer to save lives. And the most important requirement is you knowledge on ICT. Doctors today are being put out of their place of works and replaced by machines that are more equipped and capable of carrying out their responsibility with a high degree of efficiency. So what should a medical student do to equip himself or herself with the necessary skills that will give him or her a guaranteed employment?
* As a medical student, go with the trend and not against the trend: This is where most medical students are still lagging behind. They intend to solve the present problems of our society through the use of outdated mode of operation. It does not work that way. The medical field is changing with a noticeable trend so every medical student should change towards this direction.
* Learning programming and other important computer operations can be very useful. A medical student with the skills mentioned above stands a chance of competing with robot to secure his or her employment this is because acquiring computer skills helps medical student to be a step higher when compared to others who lac these skills.
* Learning computer gaming and is also important. This may sound hilarious to medical students as they have so many responsibilities that eats away their time so how will they embark on such adventure? It is also important to note that according to the ongoing research, surgeons who played games while they were young are doing much better than those who did not. This is because they have trained themselves to be focused when they played these games and this focus was transferred to their performance when they carried out surgery making them less prone to mistakes.
These and many more are the various advantages that should motivate a medical student to follow the trend and equip himself or herself with computer based skills in conjunction with his or her knowledge on medical field because these skills will make them shine brighter than their contemporaries.

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