People Who Don't Have a Purpose in Life

5 May 2023

In a world full of promises of a better future, career, paycheck, or partner, we forget to take a minute to fall in love with our- selves. Though we learn to hateourselves if we don't know what's our purpose in life.
Humans, you and I, have a habit to think that once we reach a particular goal or if enough peo
particular goal or if enough peo- ple recognize our work, our life will be worth it. The very Mod- ern way of thinking that our lives have a purpose, we must find it and stay true to it is consuming our little souls that just want to take a moment of peace.

All these giant creators from the self-improvement industry, schools, and colleges have stuffed our minds with that 'we should find our purpose, keep working towards it and leave a dent in the universe' because so many people exist on the planet if you want people to remember you, do something extra-ordinarBut I wonder, what good would that do? We forget people no matter how good or great they were. We forgot our freedom fighters and the great inventors. Sure, they have a place in our history or science books but not in our hearts except on special days. You and I are way too selfish to remember anyone es- pecially the ones who we didn't know personally.

And that's why I believe, all these big talks suit only Americans who can give meaning and purpose to almost everything and then sell the same meaning to you. Now, please don't take offense. But isn't it truThe bottom line is, no matter what you do, how great you were, how many copies of your book were sold, how many people left a comment on your video, how many people admire you in your workplace, no one, absolutely no one is going to give a sh*t about you. No one will remember you except your children/spouse/parents/friends.

I used to think that if I am good to all and if I work hard, I will be able to make my name so big that even after I am gone, people will talk about me. And maybe they will. But they will forget me just as easily. That's how fragile and not-so-important, you andare in this world that was never loyal to anyone.

My Guruji says that you are crazy for a world that was never loyal to anyone. People before you existed and there will be people after you. The only person you should be connected with is yoursel

And that's t


purpose of th

A few days back, I was having a conversation with one of my friends who is a YouTuber. He asked very randomly, 'so Renuka, what's life?' your purpose

His voice was strong as if he is addressing a very importaissue and his tone sounded as if

we are the change maker

Though, without thinking even for a second, I replied, 'I don't think I have a purpose in life nor do I believe in this term. But if you must know, I believe that the only purpose of humans is to connect with their own souls. Know their truth and stay true to it

To elaborate, I think the world is filled with distractions and ad- vice from people you don't know anything about. You can see the side effect of it all around or maybe within you. People go to pubs so that they look cool and educated. People are partyilike wild animals so that they fit in. People are having a rela- tionship with others when they don't have a good understanding of their own souls. What do you call it? A generation of fools who are easy to manipulate.

If you think what I am saying is false, prove me wrong. Just look around you and you will see people who are trying hard to fit in, people with dead eyes, and people who don't know what they are doing. And what does it create? A weaker society. A society where mental illness is so common. Why? Because we don't have any idea of ourselves. We don't give our soul enouattention until we find ourselves sitting in a therapy session talking to a stranger about how suddenly everything went wrong in our lives.

I think all of this is happening because we are disconnected from ourselves. Because we are trying to find some purpose in life that as per some bestseller books is essential for living a worthy life. However, as per me, the only purpose of our lives is to stay connected to our own souls and don't let ourselves slip awa

Here are a few things that will help you to do s1. Think Independently:

You have a brain, right? And

works fin


So, how about using i

Don't get me wrong but most people, including myself, are not confident enough to trust them- selves. Until 2022, I used to rely on people to tell me what was the best decision for me. In fact, if presented with two choices, I would spend an eternity and still not be able to choose one. And that happens because for a major part of your life, either you were told what to do or you always had people around yo

But enough is enough. You hato start thinking independently. You have to decide what is good for you and what believe in. you don't

For example; A lot of Indians are now saying, 'I don't believe in God' Why? Because in Indian movies, people who believe in God are shown as uneducated, funny, stupid, and blind fol- lowers. Hence, not believing in God is not their personal independent choice but rather an idea that was imposed in their subconscious mind. Teenagers and people who want to look ed- ucated and rich now tell without asking that they don't believe in God.
I am not commenting on anyone's choice. Believing in anything or not should be a personal choice not an imposed idea to fit in.

And this example is not restricted to God or Indians. Taking another example, I used to say Yes to going shopping and concerts even when I hate it because I wanted to am a cool person. prove that

However, with time, I have real- ized is that coolness is not about doing what everyone is doing. Coolness is about staying true to your choice

The only thing I want to say you is if you keep accepting society's idea of everything, you will lose touch with yourself and then there will be times when you will be sad but you wouldn't know the exact reason.

The point is to think indepen- dently. Think what you think is true. Don't let the most accepted definition of anything be your truth. You have a mind and your purpose should be to USE IT.

2. Know Your Truth & Embrace It:

If I ask you to tell me about yourself, you might start re- peating the tags that the world has given you like your name, your religion, your degree, your professional occupation, a
list goes on.

If you know yourself, your truth, your values, what you like and what you don't, what makes you happy and what doesn't, who you are from within, what makes your thought process unique, and what makes you, YOU then no matter what others say about you, you will not be affected.

However, when you don't know yourself, you will easily welcome others' judgments in your mind to settle down and seek valida- tion from others to make EGO feel good. your

Hence, the first trait that you must have is K

And don't worry if you don't get the answer in the blink of an eye because you change with every second, every day, and every outside interaction. Knowing yourself is a lifelong journey so that you don't lose yourself in this world that is too noisy and manipulative.

3. Keep Your Principles Close to Your Heart:

If I don't have my principles then I have nothing. Why?

Because without my principles, I am just a copycat who does whatever other suggests. As Christopher Charl
"A man without principles is as a ship without a rudder - at the mercy of every wind and wave"

There are two types of people in this era, one who follows the crowd, do what they see is trending and cool on social media, adopt the habits that help them fit in, speak what is most acceptable in society, pretend to enjoy things that seem fun on the outside, make fun of anyone who is an easy target or anyone who is even slightly different and keeps them and their little group entertained. These people, as Christopher Charles, said are like the ship without a rudder - at the mercy of every wi
and wave. You will find such ships everywhere around you - pleading for the attention of others and ready to do anything that helps them fit in even if that means doing drugs or alcohol.

For example; When I started my first job as a content writer in a small travel agency. We had a team party. We went somewhere nice. It was a rooftop, songs were playing in the background and six of us were sitting there. Everyone ordered alcohol when I went for coffee. My teammate asked why didn't I order any- thing solid to drink and I said I don't drink solids. It came as

a surprise to them and theystarted forcing me to at least try and have one drink. I denied. I stood strong on my choice. Not drinking alcohol is one of my principles. I don't judge anyone who does and I want the same for myself. If you cannot do that, you are just a clown for who a difference of opinion must be a new foreign subject. Don't worry I didn't say that to them but after that incident I knew, living in a society that is full of clowns is going to be tough if you are not strong on your principles.

The next day, one of my team- mates asked me, how do I have fun if I don't drink? And I said, 'maybe you need the dependenShe should have taken offense but she didn't. Apparently, she went on saying 'well, at least you can try. I mean people should try everything. If you will try, maybe you will like it and if you do not, no one is forcing you to continue'

I completely agree with what she said. People should try everything as that's how things will be fun. But not if something goes against your principles, however cool or trending it is. I said to her, 'Yes, you are right. But then tell me, have you ever tried killing someone? I mean at least try, maybe you will like it and if not, no one is forcing youI like to believe that your princi- ples are all you I have. Everything else is just a distraction. Your principles are the only thing that can help you win the race of life. Your principles make you strong and take you to places where you cannot even imagine. A man with principles can be easily recognized in this generation. You wouldn't have to use tricks to get people's attention or try harder to convenience people you are a strong candidate to bet on. All you need is a tight grip on your principles.

So, no matter what, have some principles in your life that help you navigate your life in the d

I don't know who you are and what you think of 'purpose' but if anything, have at least one purpose in your life, i.e, Stay connected with yourself. Know y your truth. Embrace your values. Connect with your soul every day. And don't let anyone decide things for you. No matter how adverse the situation, you stay connected to yourself and everything will fall into place. But if you lose yourself, there is nothing or no one that can help you find joy or success in life.
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