When to Stay in a Relationship

4 Oct 2022

  1. If both you and your spouse have emotional, social, and physical fulfilment, and you have faith that you will be taken care of and listened to.
  2. Your relationship and other aspects of your life are interconnected: whether your friends and family accept your partner, and if their loved ones accept you. If introducing them makes you feel good, if you feel comfortable around them in social settings, and if their behavior doesn't make you feel ashamed or degraded.
  3. You know you can talk to your spouse about anything because they are there for you in times of conflict, bad news, or significant changes in your life and will work with you to find answers and move on.
  4. If you and your spouse appreciate one another's alone time, their previous and present relationships, and deal with feelings of insecurity or jealousy in healthy ways, you and your partner will feel secure. whether you have the maturity and kindness to deal with bad emotions.
  5. If you share similar basic values, have the same aspirations for your future as a couple, and concur on what you want from a partner, then you are on the same page.
  6. You're enthusiastic about the future if you're also enthusiastic about your relationship and the things you can achieve together. If you ask for a compromise during a disagreement and your spouse complies, you will eventually see the change you requested. if when asked to compromise, they do it with kindness and compassion rather than hostility or retaliation.

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