Layer 2 wallets? Case-Study: Zecrey Protocol

21 Jul 2022

Blockchain is evolving, like any other technology as new problems are being discovered and solved every day. We all started with the conventional Layer 1 blockchain tokens and now we are in the era where layer 2 tokens are dominating solving the issue of the high gas of layer 1 network among other things. The need then comes for users to bridge their L1 to L2 network and back.

This is where Zecrey comes in. Zecrey is a zk-roll up layer 2 privacy protocol. Their aim is to bring cross-chain privacy to digital assets. It is an all-in-one plug-in wallet in which you can have your Layer 1 and Layer 2 tokens in one place, move them through each network, add liquidity, swap, and basically perform most Defi operations.

Perks Of Using Zecrey Wallet

1. Privacy (Enabled in a Click) : Zecrey provides privacy and protection of assets by switching to layer 2 with a simple click of a button. In this mode , you can conduct transactions with privacy preserved and get stable protection without any trace.
2.Fast and Stable Cross-Chain Transactions with Privacy: Zecrey bridges different blockchain networks to enable multi-chain transfer of digital assets under privacy protection with high speed and stability. Another giant leap is the cross-chain swap function.
3. Confidential Assets: Make account balance and transaction amount confidential. Only you know your own balance.
4 Send to Multiple Addresses: Using Zecrey Wallet, you can transfer assets to more than one address using the multiple feature.
5.Privacy Bridges: Bridging different blockchain platforms to enable direct interactions between digital assets with complete privacy.
Features of Zecrey Wallet-Low-Latency TransactionsPrivate transactions can complete in seconds on Layer 2 and will be recorded in minutes on Layer 1.
-Cross-chain BridgesUse the customized Sigma protocol to make it easy and safe to swap assets between different blockchains with privacy protection.
-Privacy Plug-inZecrey extensions enable Layer1 Dapps to provide transactions privacy protection.

Zecrey is mainly dedicated to solving two problems in the blockchain space, privacy and isolation. Therefore in summary, Zecrey offers privacy protection, a generalized cross-chain bridge, and cross-chain swap to users.

Note: This is not a financial advice

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