The state called Happiness

2 Dec 2022

My Personal Opinion
Everyone, in my opinion, has the right to be happy. Nobody should ever tell you otherwise.

Definition of Happiness
The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Happiness in many ways:

a: a state of well-being and contentmentJOY
b: a pleasurable or satisfying experience 

Most of us need to be in a specific environment before we can experience this state known as happiness. For example, love may make us happy, a new job may make you happy, or living by the seashore may make you happy.

Seeing other people make me happy, and helping people too puts me in that state too. Because seeing people smile brings me joy, every action I take is always aimed at making those around me happy.

I had love to hear in the COMMENTS what makes you happy. I am really looking forward to it.The strong don't win 
The winners are the strong ones
I heard this somewhere too.
Think about it.



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