Nature: Bees Part-4

31 Aug 2022

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I was like a maniac fighting a swarm of bees on the side of the road. I could also hear the voices around me. After making some distance from me, a large bunch of people had gathered. Some of them were saying that there would be smoke. Somebody was saying that wearing a blanket can do something. My friend was also asking people for matches. There was no shortage of dry sugarcane leaves. People also tried to light the fire at some distance. But, all this was happening very fast and hasty. Something was happening, nothing was happening. I also tried to avoid the bees by covering my shirt over my mouth. But, nothing could save him. No one even dared to come near me. He was afraid that the bees might leave me and catch him.
I could clearly hear all the sounds around me. In times of trouble, the mind starts running very fast. I also realized this for the first time on the same day. All of a sudden that whole scene in my mind wandered in a blink. Those school kids. His bag was thrown towards that Jamun tree. Lifting the bag off the ground and then galloping away into the sugarcane fields. In an instant everything came in front of my eyes.

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Bee is an insect that does not release any pathogenic bacteria or virus. It is never seen that a person gets any disease by coming in contact with a bee.
In fact, the nectar that a bee collects never enters its digestive stomach or its intestines. Nectar goes into a honey beaker where it is stored for a short period of time and mixed with special enzymes. But there is a kind of valve between the honey stomach and the bee's digestive stomach, a kind of check valve.
These hard-working little creatures are an important part of our ecosystem. Scientists believe that every third part of our food is the result of the efforts of bees. Bees pollinate so many edible plants that make our food tasty and nutritious,