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4 Jun 2023

It is rare to get a decent lifestyle or the comfort you desire from one Job and this is the reason people get more than one Job while others work overtime just to meet up with the daily demand and responsibilities on them.

This article is to help this category of people who maybe want to acquire a skill or start a business and become independent or basically earn more.

This is a pattern to learn a skill or start up a business.
This is a financial Advise 😂 I can guarantee and back it up with my experience and that of a few people I've walked through the process and the results they've gotten.

1. Get a Job: How on earth is this the first advise? 😀
Yes, this is it.
It's difficult especially as a starter to get someone sponsor you on a course or skill talk more or providing capital for a business especially when you're a starter.
Hence the need to get a Job.
This will help you beat greed and understand delayed gratification. This will help put food on your table and take care of yourself and your family's basic needs while you learn that skill or take that course. This will also keep you psychologically healthy because when the bills come knocking, if it's not taken care of when supposed, it has a way way of draining an individual mentally. So getting a job is the first step.
This step might not apply to someone who has an inheritance stucked up somewhere and if you really do have an inheritance, you have no need for that extra bucks right?

2. Save up: Save a percentage monthly and tag it "Investment"(10%-20% of your income is fair). Mind you, this has nothing to do with the savings you already have for raining days whatsoever, this is a fresh inclusion to your income as it comes anytime it does. Saving up will also reduce the number of people who couldn't take care of themselves and family all in the name of starting a business

3. Get knowledge: Take not more than 30% of your investment savings and PURCHASE a course. Get the mentorship of that successful person in the business you want to venture into or the skills you want to acquire. Some people will actually say to themselves "why purchase a course when I can get free tutorials on YouTube or Instagram?
There are great info on YouTube no doubt but you won't grow by them. Most of those contents are answering a specific question you know nothing about. Have you asked yourself why those instructors advise you to take their master class even after watching their free contents? There's something they didn't mention 😂
This is not always the case. But then in business or a skill, there's need for accountability and that only comes when you get people's mentorship.

4. Give it Time: Take out 1-2 hours daily and study your tutorial materials (for 1 hour, study 40mins with 20mins chart time while for 2hours, study 1:30 and 30mins chart time). This will help you be productive in your job as your skill is not taking all your time and it will also guarantee consistency and familiarity with market conditions.
This will take weeks, months or 1-2 years but it's worth it.
Just go one step at a time but maintain consistency

5. Save More: Increase your INVESTMENT savings by 5%-10% (This can be inconvenient but it's worth it). Remember you took part of this investment money to acquire knowledge, it needs replacing. Also, if it's a digital skill you may need certain gadgets.

6. Practice More and be intentional about it. Sometimes we're tempted to think that we've known something especially when we really don't know it Read those PDFs, watch those videos, listen to those tapes. Ask questions. You can repeat the same classes. Just take your time and not be in a haste.

7. Test the waters: This is not a counsel to put all your savings into the business or skill. Invest not more than 20% for a start and carefully journal the process and your progress. Once you've broken even, invest 20% again. At this second investment, you're not risking anything. 8. Gradually increase your investment at this level. But always break even before you increase your percentage of investment. If you follow this steps, you'll be very fine with all your investments. The major problem is that people are under pressure to buy Lambo and Ferrari.
Life is not like that.

This might be the worst financial advise of all time but this principle has give so many people hope. It has make some productive and independent. Hope it added value to you?

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Test the waters is my best practise of making money because if you never try you never get.