8 Aug 2022

Hy sweet boy. Good morning ❤️. I really hope you're doing well. I'm so sorry about the last time I didn't know I don't have enough airtime. I'm just sending you to let you know I love you and I care about you so much. I may not show it everytime but I really do. When I think of the realest people in my life you definitely top the list. Thank you for loving me and going all out. Always ready to help in anyway you can. I can't thank you enough. Thank you for condoning me and my plenty wahala. Thank you for never turning your back fully🥺. For always coming back even when you're fed up already. Thank you for letting me co-own your gallery 🤪. I feel so guilty I didn't wish you a happy birthday and because of that I have even tried avoiding you but I can't avoid you forever coz you'd always come to my mind. I'm so sorry I didn' excuse is valid enough but tbh I didn't have battery that day coz if data was the problem I would have borrowed😫

This may not be July 4

But I wish you the very best in life. Cheers to being my senior with another year😂.

I love how proud you are of me I hope God helps me to keep making you proud. Can't wait for the strike to be over so I know who is taller and see how your biceps muscles are doing. And also a very big big hug.

I hope this makes you smile and reminds you that you have one MFANA somewhere.

With plenty love from your sweet trouble

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