9 Aug 2022

Happiness: a fleeting dissociation from negativity.
Every one must have had their endorphins
triggered at some point, one must experience
it to function properly
it doesn't matter if you're the child born in Iraq
during the never ending war,
the child in Somalia knowing hunger since
the child in Sudan whose only memory of life is
land mines and bomb blasts,
the child in Britain who has only seen the walls of a workhouse 
the almajiri in Nigeria whose idea of life is to
beg for a living
the child in Nigeria whose only worry is to
please their parents
the child in Nigeria who has never known what
a full stomach feels like
the child in Nigeria whose is being held in the
clutches of traditionalism, who is told that
being female equals inferiority
the child in Nigeria who faces domestic
violence daily
That tiny shred of happiness normalizes life, it
makes life worth living.

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Sad reality. It will get better with time. There is hope for the future
One can attempt and should try to find happiness. With stories like what you have described, it can feel difficult to attain.
If one is triggered, one should let bygones be bygones and not pull the trigger