CoinGecko Learn & Earn: Tezos

28 Aug 2023

While browsing coingecko last night we found a new learn and earn for Tezos.

The last Tezos learn and earn moved quickly so we were lucky to get in early

The Price was just 60 Coin Gecko Candies while the requirements were straight forward.

And the Terms and Conditions showed just 2,000 slots so get in quick!
After spending your candies we are taken to a web portal.
Where with a few simple steps you'll earn your tokens. It's a good one though with $10 in Tezos up for grabsWatch the videos then complete the tasks. Mint your NFT on tezos
Then using the coingecko code you received with your candies, do the quiz. You'll only get one go, so choose carefully.

And you're done. You'll have to wait till the 20th of Sept to receive your rewards.

But we all know free crypto is the best crypto. Thanks for reading!

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I have redeem the code for this learn and earn campaign
Learn & Earn programs are initiatives by cryptocurrency platforms or projects to educate users about their technology, use cases, and benefits. Users usually participate by reading educational content, watching videos, or taking quizzes. In return, they might receive a small amount of the project's cryptocurrency as a reward. This approach helps both educate the community and distribute tokens to a wider audience. If CoinGecko has a Learn & Earn program related to Tezos, it's likely that users would need to engage with educational content about Tezos to earn XTZ tokens. The exact tasks, rewards, and availability can vary over time. To get the most accurate and up-to-date information about this program, I recommend visiting the CoinGecko website or their official communication channels.
I haven't done this, I hope it's not too late