Self Doubt

25 Aug 2022

A lot of times we feel incapable, undeserving, and unworthy of the life we are living. Sometimes we feel that a particular challenge is too huge big for us and might even be the end of us. No matter how many times you affirm in front of a mirror or reassure yourself that you are capable, self-doubt still finds a way to creep in. Lack of confidence in oneself and one's talents is known as self-doubt. It's a way of thinking that prevents you from succeeding and having confidence in yourself. Being humble is a good quality to have, but if you do it at your own expense, it is no longer useful.

Here are a few ways you can overcome self-doubt:

Practice self-compassion: When you are self-doubting, you are holding yourself back. It stems from a fear of making a mistake, although making errors is how we learn and develop as individuals. Say three encouraging things to yourself when you face the mirror in the morning.

Stop Comparison: When you compare yourself to a relative, a coworker, or even a famous person, self-doubt can also result. Everyone lives a unique life, so just because someone else succeeds doesn't mean you lack any strengths. Focusing on oneself is one of the finest strategies to stay happy and achieve your goals instead of comparing oneself to others.

Spend time with supportive people: One of the worst things for our mental health is being around negative individuals. Some individuals won't be on your side, but others will without a doubt. Spend time with people who make you feel good since they can help you feel better when it's difficult to motivate yourself.

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Don't take self doubt it will be harm for your life
Nice post. I totally agree with the need to stop self comparison but rather focus on self development and empowerment. You will be surprised what can be achieved. Thanks for sharing
Never be in doubt
Self-doubt is a normal emotion to feel and you should never feel ashamed of not feeling your best sometimes. However, depression is something that should be taken much more seriously