Social integration and Suicide

3 Sept 2022

Egoistic Suicide:vary inversely with the degree of social integration that is,the lower the level of integration the higher the level of suicide rate. Egoistic suicide results from an egoistic emphasis on individualism or lack of sufficiently strong ties in a social group,thus Protestant have higher suicide rate than catholic.since their believe encourages greater individualism and communal bonds in Protestant church it’s weaker similarly unmarried persons have higher rate of suicide than married people and married persons without children have higher rate of suicide than married persons with children.

Anomie Suicide results from partial deregulation from individuals,groups,goals and is being argued that human wants and desires are insatiable but are normally constraint by established norms because of the increased frustration resulting from unfulfilled desires Suicide rate rises. Hence anomie suicide sterns from frustration associated with block is also believed that individuals not being able to achieve their goals could be as a result of unstable economy which makes it difficult for an individual to achieve his or her desired goal which could result to suicide.

Altruistic Suicide: results from an excessively strong level of integration of the level of solidarity is sufficiently high the individual does not resent his subordination to the group but instead finds great satisfaction and personal fulfillment in sacrificing for the larger good of the group. This concerned with when an individual although even after achieving a lot in his field or career is not satisfied but still want to achieve more but isn’t able to even after putting so much effort into it this would result to suicide.

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I never knew there were different types of suicide . I have learnt something new today.