Blockchain 101 for dummies - The Best Tutorial video

23 Apr 2022

If you don't know any thing about what blockchain is, I suggest you read this blog and click onto the video link to learn the basics of blockchain.

Blockchain concept in simple description :
Looking at the below diagram, you can see the fundamental concept of blockchain is that a "block" or "ledger" contains information in it, the information are transactions of coins/tokens or agreements of smart contracts, each block is linked to the next block in a chain with the hash codes in red (actually the crypto code should be 64 characters in real examples). When someone tried to change the information on the block, the "cryptographic hash function output" - "hash in red" will be changed immediately then the chain is broken and alerted everyone in the network that someone (a miner or validator or computer node) is cheating, because the associated computers in the network in the blockchain have the same original copies to compare, check and verify. So the network information is always real and secured, no one can change the information, that is what makes a blockchain so powerful for various applications.

There are many videos made on "Blockchain" in the social media which explain the technology and concept behind it, some are too advanced and detailed for beginners, most just don't get to the point that click onto beginners' mind, and none of the videos I have seen on YouTube were better than the below two videos made by Anders Brownworth with his software visual demo. He made the subject so easy to understand.

The below links are by far the best blockchain tutorial videos made on YouTube for beginners to learn about the fundamental concept behind "Blockchain", it explained in simple terms with software visual display.

Blockchain 101 for dummies - Part 1 - 2 Million views

Blockchain 101 for dummies - Part 2

I am sure you will enjoy if you are a beginner on Blockchain !

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