Doing What You Love is Romanticizing

9 May 2022

There is this crazy assumption, naively floating around, thought after thought that doing what we love should be easy. That we shouldn’t have bad days. That we shouldn't feel utterly hopeless, meaningless, or bored while pursuing our dreams. Let's break this misconception apart.

The Golden Circle


  • the concept of following your dreams


  • through an inevitable, idealistic (non-holistic or non-realistic) and overthinking process


  • the mere belief of pursuing your passion embeds an entitlement towards leading a life of fulfillment, blinding you with soothing conscience and peace of mind. 

Boredom is the way to greatness.

Everyone hits a plateau doing something they love. You could be going at it for years, pouring your heart out to achieve those goals and ideals. What separates the greats from the not-so-greats is the ability to find meaning, motivation, and the drive within to keep going despite the odds being against you, despite having to bear a ton of responsibility for people other than yourself, despite doubting yourself every step of the way. The ones who achieve greatness keep going. They get used to boredom. They let their habits run their day when they don’t feel like it. They replace motivation with gamification by counting the tiny wins. They value showing up over achieving results — because they know the results will come if they stick to the plan.
Doing what one loves doesn’t work for a lot of people because it’s a fairytale in their minds. You need a realistic picture to follow. You need to expect that 80% of what happens will be terrible, but it will make the 20% off highs you get to feel amazing.

The Alternative

Once you accept the difficulties and complex environments your actions take place, you come to the conclusion that the concept of controlling one's fate through your blissful wishes becomes an increasingly hefty task to accomplish. The alternative is to trust the process. It is to fully commit to the goal you set out to do long after the mood you set it in has passed. It is to find great strength within yourself to take yourself to a place of growth, personal pride, and peace. 

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Most young folks do not know what they until certain conditions call for it. Like somebody has said, passion are developed overtime mostly.
The other thing about the "doing what you love" school of thought is that it falsely assumes that you know what you're passionate about to begin with (hence why a lot of young people in particular become exasperated by this advice because they haven't had as much time to develop their interests). "Passion" is something that is developed over time rather than pre-deliberated or "found".
Rajat Dhariwal
I really love to meet different type of people
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