Famous Psychopath Part (2)

22 Oct 2022

1.Alberd fish.   

Friends, you must have known about the Nithari incident in Noida many years ago. The killer named Surend Kohli, who was sentenced to death in this throat, used to kill and eat small children. Friends, one such psycho killer was born in 1870 in Washington DC. The psycho killer we are talking about is also known as Gray Man, Werewolf of Vesteria and Brooklyn Vampire. By the way, its real lam was albard fish. This psycho killer, like the killers of the Nithari incident, used to first make small innocent children a victim of his own breath, then brutally kill them by cooking their meat or sometimes eating it raw. This psycho killer loved to eat children's meat. When this psycho killer, who killed innocent children and ate their flesh, came in the custody of the police, then this psycho killer himself confessed that he has digested the body parts of more than a hundred children.    

2.ED gein

Friends, now you will be surprised to hear the exploits of the psycho killer we are going to tell you about. Well friends, have you ever heard about the shroud thief who digs the graves from the graveyard and steals the shroud from the dead bodies. Now we tell you about such a psycho killer, in front of whom these minor shroud thieves who steal the shroud are nothing. The psycho killer we are talking about used to go to the cemetery and steal the dead bodies of women. Yes friends you heard it absolutely right. ed gein A psycho killer of nose used to go to the cemetery at night and steal the dead bodies of women and bring them to their homes. He used to remove the skin from the dead bodies of women and make the covers of the chairs of his house. Well, why did he do this, only he can know. It is believed that by doing this he used to get sexual setisfaction. Well friends, if you want to know more about this psycho killer, then you can watch the movie named in the light of the moon. Apart from this film, many films have been made in Hollywood about this psycho killer.

3.charless manson

Friends, whenever there is talk of the famous psycho killer of the history of the world, then the name of charless manson definitely comes. Killing people was very much liked by this psycho killer. Well the background of this psycho killer was something that made him the uncrowned king of the world of crime. It took entry into the world of crime and crime in its childhood itself. In the early days of his life, he started committing crimes, due to which he kept coming inside the jail. This psycho killer brutally killed more than 26 people just to fulfill his hobby of killing people. When the police caught him for the last time, he himself confessed that he had killed more than 26 people and still wants to kill more people. While confessing its crime, it also said that it had killed both mother and child by stabbing a pregnant woman named Sharon Tate in the stomach.

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