The clock part 2🕐

18 Oct 2022

As I shared in my previous post that is the clock part 1, this continues the clock part 2.
You didn't show up yesterday because we were ill, ass! I replied, "It's alright. However, based on the foregoing, if one sets a rule of irregular behaviour, it will likewise be dull because of all the irregularity's flaws. One such individual exists. He should arrive exactly at six o'clock if you offer him to enjoy tea at five. His erratic behaviour has become so routine that it serves little purpose to invite him to tea at five o'clock if we tell him to arrive at exactly four. Buses on Punctuality used to sneer that Napoleon's success on the battlefield was due to his habit of showing up ten minutes early. First off, arriving five minutes early is by no means being on time. Another point is if he consistently showed there five minutes early. Only one thing would his adversaries do. Napoleon would have been on the battlefield fifteen minutes earlier if he had known when he would arrive! However, I think this myth must be wholly untrue. If only Napoleon had acted thus foolishly.

He would have failed miserably. Consider that he must have been travelling to the battlefield because he was sometimes fifteen minutes early and other times two or three hours late. As a result, his enemies must have been disoriented and vanquished. Alternatively, if it is half past three or if they are scheduled to be on the battlefield at twenty past three, the enemy must be aware of their tardiness and be cowards; but, if Napoleon has triumphed over such cowards, do not observe any of them. excellence in that Why the Napoleonic tale? With such strategies, I have successfully repelled my adversaries' onslaught. One of my old school pals and I once reconnected on the road. He abruptly revealed that he was an insurance business agent at the time he spoke. then after some time he only inquired. Tim is usually home in the mornings and evenings, he answered with a smile. It was only then that she realised the evil intent hidden behind the innocent question. He began leaving for work every morning and every evening after that. established a schedule of only returning home in the late afternoon and at night. became aware of how frequently he returned home during that time. In the meantime, my chest heaved with a horrible notion. What a consistent occurrence have we had! What if he abruptly abandoned his previous behaviour and returned home in the afternoon? The following day, I began a fresh regimen once more. He used to spend the morning and evenings at home and leave for the day. Although my plan was more effective than Napoleon's, I am still without insurance. Otherwise, folks set their watches for our arrival every day because we arrive on schedule!

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