Five Amrit

12 May 2023

In our culture, Mangalsutra is held in high esteem, it is the pride of a woman, the knowledge of good fortune. And Sulakshini is praised. The two bowls of Manimangalsutra give good luck to the woman, give glory to the foreign house and show the way of prosperity. They make woman femininity. By listening to the qualities, skills, customs, rites of a foreign family, they accept the daughter-in-law as a daughter-in-law before the deva Brahmin. For her son's happiness, her choice as his symbiotic partner was to make the family forest flourish. It is a great dedication that a daughter goes to her father-in-law. There is supernatural sacrifice. Her skill is to treat other family members as her own, respect them and manage their affairs according to their calculations. Therefore, she gets the love of mother and father, the love of brother and sister and the easy affection of Patiraja. She gets Pativratya. This daughter-in-law is building a new world. Relationships are arranged. She tries to create her new world by making everyone her own.

The family also has the responsibility to keep all the layers of Mangalsutra in order. Courtesy, assistance, co-operation are to be obtained from every element. Only then the mangalsutra of Saubhagavati can remain bright, shining and intact. It is we who are weakening that formula, the thinkers of Sasar Maher should think about it. Let's see what makes this Mangalsutra shine? Where is there no quarrel - tanta - talk and argument? It is everywhere, even in heaven. But if there is understanding, it ends in happiness. Radhabai's daughter-in-law came in front of her and said, "Mother, I have made a mistake. Will you forgive me?" Radhabai held her daughter-in-law by her belly, wiped her watery eyes and said, "Oh crazy, what are you doing?" There is nothing wrong with anyone. Forget it all" Mom, "I have never tasted the sweetness of these two words today as I call you Mom." The clash between you and baba will affect my son so I pledged him to your son but it was my misunderstanding. I did not think that the punishment for my complaint would be so harsh, unbearable and defamatory. I also have parents, right? I have never made an honest attempt to resolve the conflict between you. It was my fault. I was included when your son said, "You walk away" from home, giving advice to his own parents to improve. But it was not my victory. I imagined how wild the two of you would be at the phrase "move on". where will you go Why Bhandal on the street? Who will see a well-educated, innocent, senior citizen being evicted from his own home? I can't bear this pain. Mom, I understand. Be sensible too. Stay in sweet pink and daughter-in-law Radhabai Hug tightly. Common sense is the antidote to arguments. It increases the luster of Mangalsutra.

Radhabai had never uttered the word 'Br' in terms of insult. Never puffed up with pride, never sullen with contempt. From the very first day, he gave his daughter-in-law the status and rights of a daughter. He supported her in her education. Even if she never did anything wrong or did any paperwork about her daughter-in-law, then daughter-in-law used to hold Abo. It was unbearable for Radhabai. They used to advance her, but she ignored them and the reason for the trouble came to light that Radhabai and Baba were always fighting, arguing, talking, Baba was abusing and sometimes raising his hands. The daughter-in-law does not talk to Radhabai as there is no harmony between the two. Baba's only advice to Radhabai is that you should do your work and don't pay attention to my daily routine. Don't talk about my comings and goings. I will not act to trouble you and Radhabai became thoughtful. A cold wave of understanding washed over them. One day at leisure time he called Soonbai. She said, "Bais, I want to talk to you. Look, I don't like fighting either. But I like their nature. Nadto means they are all-rounded. At this age they do all their work themselves. They don't need us for their work. But it bothers me. I think we should help them and that's the argument. It doesn't end and it hurts you. I have encountered this and found a solution. In my opinion, I will not pay attention to their mistakes, I will not say anything. He also said that I will not come to Swaipak Ghar in the middle of the day. I will finish the pooja early and come to eat on time. House steps - will pay attention to difficulties. Uga will not spend time baking bread for the army. So there will be no quarrel between us. There is no difference between you and me and we both understand each other and do household chores. I have no question that you are not doing anything for me. I am getting your help according to the situation. Now let's say that Abolya has been destroyed.

The daughter-in-law who was listening to Radhabai was overwhelmed. Her eyes watered. She approached her mother-in-law from the floor and said, "Mom, I had no idea that my abola was bothering you so much." But the chariot of the world has to be pulled with love and harmony. How hard your son works for you, he should be satisfied too, right? If both of you are patient and happy, their hard work will pay off, won't it? And Radhabai wiped her daughter's eyes and said, "Yes, child! It is true that from today you will only be happy, here and there” and the mother-in-law made Baba sweet coffee. The layers of mangalsutra were further strengthened by understanding. The Panchamrita is a combination of the five elements of renunciation, patience, peace, forgiveness and affection in understanding.
The problems do not end with Abola. When understanding, courage and humility enter each other's stomachs, ego dies and the sense of humanity awakens. Relationships last and you get peace of mind. Panchamrita becomes Tirtha.

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