NFT and Offline Businesses

5 Jul 2022

For now, the NFT industry is still mostly associated with digital art and GameFi. In 2021, the hype around NFT-art sales has overshadowed the use of real-world assets in the real-estate sector and service industries. So how traditional businesses can use NFT technology to their advantage?

NFT as a certificate of authenticity

NFT technology can be described as a blockchain-based certification system. But it can be applied not only to the virtual sphere. It can be applied to tagging real assets and to tokenizing real services like digital concert tickets, club passes, or anti-cafes.

For a business model to function, there needs to be a system that can secure the ownership of a product or the right to use a service. In the physical world, these procedures happen all the time, but without excessive formalism, like granting rights to use a movie theater seat for a single session.

In the digital realm, confirming ownership and therefore establishing the buying and selling process is more challenging. The nature of digital assets allows countless copies to be made. These copies are considered replaceable (identical). The original cannot be distinguished from the copy. Hence the value of non-fungible tokens.

They allow ownership of digital assets to be established and streamline sales of unique goods and services. Nowadays, even for traditional businesses, representation on various platforms (social networks, marketplaces, blogs, etc) is important. This is why the digitization of economic relationships is so important.

NFT as a way to broaden the audience

Blockchain enthusiasts hold a significant portion of their assets in cryptocurrency and NFT. Moreover, this audience is not only looking for how to buy a valuable digital asset or how to spend cryptocurrency but also understands that it is in their interest to support any project that wants to get into the NFT industry. The more companies start using NFTs, the easier it will be to promote a favorable legal framework for the crypto market. This means that your NFTs will be bought not only for speculative or aesthetic reasons but also to promote the industry as a whole. It is a kind of economic activism.

Some companies come up with unusual solutions in order to attract an audience with cryptocurrency. Since cryptocurrency is still not a legitimate means of payment in many jurisdictions, they have to go for tricks. For example, they place coupons and certificates on the crypto marketplaces. But creating NFTs will be more effective in terms of attracting people.

So creating your own NFTs can help build your brand awareness among the crypto audience.

NFT as airdrops

Savvy cryptocurrency and NFT enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for airdrops to acquire free assets.

Often, blockchain companies use cryptocurrency and NFT giveaways to reward their community for active participation. Essentially, an airdrop is a transaction in which a company sends tokens from its portfolio to a portfolio of users.

Airdrops can be used by traditional businesses. Moreover, such NFTs can be made unique and exclusive. This will make an airdrop more attractive for people and therefore more successful.


You can use NFTs almost in any traditional business. For example, you hold a club or an anti-café. You can reward your users for regular visits, for winning contests and tournaments, or just as a regular promotion. Such an NFT could be a daily, weekly, or even monthly subscription to a club.

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The best way to store NFTs offline is by purchasing a cold storage hardware wallet and transferring the digital assets there. By remaining offline, the wallet will keep away hackers and keyloggers who can't do much to gain access. Also, every hardware wallet comes with an ID and password for added security.
Nevertheless, the NFTs we all get can be used over the past years we have seen the NFT ecosystem boom massively with some NFTs doing pretty well and some becoming bluechips for the ecosystem. Nevertheless the NFTs we all get can be use to represent a whole lot of things
NFTs are now booming industries and in near future every business start their own NFT merchandise
NFTs really do make for an interesting yet unpredictable means of online trading or even as a reward system. So hard to put a value on something that isn't "there" for some it may be worth nothing at all, but for others have a different type of foreseeable value. interesting article too :)
Amazing write up mate