Web3 Job Tips

11 Dec 2022

Never ever apply for NFT mod jobs on discord and telegram

You’re ruining your reputation

Do this instead

You know how a project is supposed to work to sell out— you know it deep in your bones
Start selling your NFT project research

It should be in picture format
You can use canva to draw it
It must contain:

• A sketch of Very very cool art
• A beautiful and unique website
• A cool audience built with email subscription(you can later sell this as a commodity to NFT projects for a advertisement spots)
• it should contain present market research on what works

You can outsource the artist for the sketch or get a digital artist formed to help
You can learn to design a dummy website with graphics using canva

Send this to 100 NFT projects emails and tell them you’d like to sell a research report to them

I hope you’re getting the idea— try working in the background for once, it pays well and is very rewarding


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