The Law of UX - 07

14 Sept 2022

Did you miss out on the previous laws of UX ( User Experience ), I shared? Do well to check my profile for the previous covered Laws of UX

Before I dive right into the seventh law of UX, have you been to a library before? You probably have been to the library. The Seventh Law of UX can be seen as applicable in a library.

Just as you would imagine that books placed on the same shelf in a library are closely related. The same thing happens in UI

The law of common region states that when elements are placed within clearly defined boundaries, they can be perceived to belong to the same group of actions.


  • When borders are added to an element or group of elements, you automatically have a common region for the element(s).
  • Common region can also be applied by a defining background behind an element or group of elements

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1 Comment

It's so lovely to see the Law of UX being applied to realmlife scenarios. Just like the example you used about the the shelf in the library. I never would have thought that something as common as that could be applied in a more complicated human field. Anyways, it's so lovely to follow up on your several UX laws.