Is your Gmail account on Risk?

14 Nov 2023

Gmail is biggest mail service provider company under the banner of Google with 1.3 Billion users around the world. The Only service provider who offering 1 GB free space to store the data for each Gmail address. Gmail found and established in second quarter of 2004 and with the power of Google it becomes largest mail provider in 2020 and it's competitors went beyond the scenes.
What is Email and who invented it?
It is interesting to know that the abbreviation Email stands for Electronic mail which sent from a device direct to another device. Email invented by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 when he succeeded to send an hello massage on other device. Then the first registered email company was BITNET who started its MCI mail service in 1983.
Joint venture of Jack from USA and an Indian person created Hotmail in 1996 which is an well established commercial service provider and now shaped in under MSN serach engine. Then Yahoo bring a small layer of revolution in 2000 but snubs down quickly and staying under dust. Later each company which has around 500 employee bought its own domain and gives to the employees for communication within the company with their own name like , , etc.

Now comes to our topic that why your Gmail account on Risk?
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According the announcement of Ruth Krichell , Vice president of Gmail, on May 16 , All the Inactive Gmail addresses will be deleted permanently starting from December of this year. This process has been started from January this year when first warning flash out by Gmail admins. If you are using your account regularly and you signed in once it last 12 month, then you should not be panic because your account is safe and secure. Stay happy with it and keeping emailing freely.

Which accounts will be deleted.

  • Account which is not signed in for last 24 months.
  • Account which not used to install any app.
  • Account which not used for store, back up photos on drive.
  • Account which not used for YouTube or Instagram play back.
  • Account which not used for location search, mapping and Google meets.

How we can Save our account?

  • If you have only one Gmail address and in use for last months then fine but if you have multiple Gmail accounts for different purposes then look back for your all accounts and signed in each one again to make sure your account is Safe.
  • Download any app from Google play store.
  • Watch any YouTube video on any channel.
  • Use Twitter to do any tweets.
  • Send a mail to your friends.
  • Use Google photos, back up drive, maps or meet to keep active your Gmail account.

All inactive accounts will be deleted permanently from Gmail servers from December 2023.

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It's right to eliminate zombie accounts that serve no purpose; they, too, consume valuable resources...
I have many accounts, i'll check, i think some could be deleted. Thanks
Gmail account will always be under risk
It threats me . I never care this thing
No matter how convenient is in using Gmail, it's vital of importance to protect our personal information.
Appreciate the insightful update. Totally understand from a Google perspective the need to clean up Unused accounts. If unused there should be a relatively low risk for users that are frequently accessing the platform
that's is wise move by Gmail because it will free up space . i think there are millions of inactive accounts in data base.
To be frank: what intention does Google have to offer customers such a large amount of storage free of charge? Could it be, that they are collecting our data, analyzing it and then use it for the own profit??
I use only one Gmail address and it is functional.