9 Feb 2024

Hello, airdrop news is constantly coming from many projects. It is now said that when projects issue their own crypto money, various airdrops will be given to those who stake it, but is such an approach correct? For example, recently dym airdrop came to tia stakers and this was very profitable, cosmus stakers also won in the past. Zkfair follows a similar path. Altlayer also airdropped to those who staked Eigenlayer points and tia, as well as the project also airdrops to those who hold their own NFT. The staked coins show significantly high performance. Well, how many of a project's newly released coins we buy and stake, we qualify for airdrops. It is very difficult to say anything clear about this, but some projects introduced the requirement of 1 and some projects required 100. But since everyone now thinks that they will get airdrops by staking, my personal opinion is that there will be a requirement of at least 100.

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