Problems during covid-19 .

29 May 2022

Covid was a very deadly pandemic. In covid many os us lost our loved ones and so many survived. I hope everyone is safe now but what was the situation during covid and what problems we faced during covid I'm going to discuss below.

When covid spread all men women and children suffered a lot everyone scared so much. There are so many restrictions during covid. We can't go outside. We can't touch each other because it's risky. During covid many of us lost our job. During covid we wear masks regularly and we also take all the precautions.

No parties in covid no camping no chill no thrill nothing at all. Only things we can do are watching Netflix at home barbeque, swimming and only those activities which can be performed without going outside of home.

but finally covid is almost over and everyone is back to his work . I wish this will never come back again .

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