Morning kiss

16 Feb 2023

When the sun is shining through the blinds in the morning, kiss me.
Delay the beginning of the day by pulling me close to you and telling me that you love me once more.
Give me those kisses on my chin, my nose, and my forehead.

As the sun's rays heat up this space, I can sense your heat rising.
I close my eyes and, as I feel your fingertips chase away the darkness, I curl up on my side and bring my knees to my chest.
imagining all the things you do well, which I am aware of

Let your lips awaken mine as you kiss me this morning.
We'll just stay here the entire day, leaving this world behind, and I'll carry out all the seemingly insignificant tasks you imagine in your dreams.
Take your time; I'll do it slowly first before going all out.

Oh! I'll need you in the morning, so kiss me.
Whisper everything that can convince me that your heart is sincere.
And what was that? A shadow enveloping the rising sun
I am alone while my eyes are open.
the dream was enjoyable

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