How to Forgive

10 Jan 2023

Forgiveness is defined as the desire to move on from an injustice. Forgiving someone is a difficult decision to make, and it does not happen overnight. While you may choose to forgive someone intentionally, it may take some time to analyze your feelings and come to terms with your circumstance.  Contrary to common belief, you are not required to "forgive and forget." While you can forgive someone, it may be more difficult to completely forget what they did to you, especially if it was really painful.

What forgiveness does not entail is excusing the other person's actions. If you have to forgive someone, it is likely that you were deeply hurt by anything they said or did. Just because you forgive someone does not imply you agree with their behavior, and it is critical that you convey this as you forgive.  If the individual sincerely regrets their actions, they will adjust their conduct to prevent harming you in the future.

Think about why you want to forgive this individual. Forgiveness is a decision that should be taken carefully, especially if someone has done something he or she should not have done. Take some time to process your emotions and thinking in order to have a better understanding of the issue.
You want to get to the bottom of your own sentiments of rage, perplexity, or hurt.
You cherish your relationship with them and feel that it is worthwhile to forgive them.
They've demonstrated a willingness to improve their conduct, and you want to give it another shot.


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