Fitness: 12th March 2024 + A Did You Know Fitness Question

12 Mar 2024

Good Morning

It has been a month and a half since I went for a proper run or gym. The thing was that I was so busy that I could not even do my regular home exercises either. The only thing that I did do was run two half marathons of 21 kms each. And as you would have guessed, that was without any practice of any kind.

I am glad that I could do those half marathons. But now time to get serious again. I started on Sunday but it was just walks and I will be walking for some time before getting on with my runs.

So, was it a walk today too?

Yes, it was a walk. Despite having done the half marathon just a couple of weeks back, I am not starting with my runs. I did a two kilometer walk today and I will see if I can increase that tomorrow. I am augmenting my exercise with my diets over the next few days.

I tried the 72-hour fast and the 24-hour fast over the last few weeks. I will do it again in the coming weeks. It sure is quite an experience. All inclusive it has some solid effects on my health.

Finally, winding up any morning regime is enhanced with Ho’oponopono. Here is my write-up on Ho’oponopono for those interested in knowing more.

What Is Ho'oponopono? | The Hawaiian Healing Technique

Have fun reading and practicing.

Anyway, that's it from me for now. I will see you all tomorrow.




Did You Know?

Okay, this is one of the unexpected records but interesting nonetheless. The fun part is not many of you would know about it. Did you know there is a record for going up a flight of stairs with a person on your head? Yeah, there is.

Giang Quoc Nghiep and Giang Quoc Co, both brothers, hold the record. The brother went up 100 stairs while balancing the other on his head. The record was created on 23rd December 2021. The Vietnam nationals went up 100 stairs in just 53.6 seconds.

Have a look at the video here:

The question is - can we go up 100 stairs in 53.6 seconds? Forget about the load on the head.



Image Courtesy: Geralt @Pixabay |


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