20 Dec 2022

The state of society is chaotic.
Fathers worry while mothers cry.
Being courteous is shameful because kids will call you names for it.

The news reports indicate a rising trend in crime and rape every day.
The experiments conducted in laboratories are hidden away in restrooms.

Sex and drugs can easily be found.
The inability of the populace to see how society is messed up makes it appear as though the globe has gone blind.

Kids sit around and talk on the phone as daddies no longer drive them home.
What was once a house is now like a war-torn area.

The park no longer has children playing there since it has turned into a mafia hangout after hours.

What was once right looks so wrong today.
There is no longer any joy or music since what it was all meant to be is now interred in a graveyard.

My intention is not to enrage you by telling you these facts.
It's only to share another fact that will soon make you happy.

In the midst of the chaos of this world, which is filled with harm, despair, pain, and hatred as well as treachery committed for personal benefit.

One thing is certain and I firmly believe that when I kneel to pray, my God will provide a solution.

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