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12 May 2023

I sat down to write to have a little fun, but you have to be patient while writing. One has to write looking forward and looking back. Only then will it be digested by the readers. So look now, only three of us in my house; Me, Bhanu, my son is Janu and my wife Paru is the initials of B.J.P. All three of us have different opinions and ideas, but we do not make confusion like it is done in Parliament or Legislative Assembly.

Sometimes my mother (age ninety) Nalini and father Moreshwar (age ninety five) come to our place. came, means Nalini and Moreshwar parents came, means our 'Panchgavya' say 'Panchamrut' or 'Panchakshari' means 'Bajpanmo' we keep laughing and playing. Ramrajya comes to our home. Now some stories are told by the family. When Janu was sent to the market for mint chutney, he came back with coriander. I said to him angrily, "Stupid, foolish, misguided! You want to evict the people, start walking." So Janu said, "Bhanu baba, we both have to go out of the house." I said, "Why?" So Janu said, "Hey, mother says this is fenugreek. Tell me what to do now!" I said, "Well, nothing is happening. It happens sometimes by mistake" then Paru came running. How does Aho say, "This cart brought fenugreek but I asked the neighbor Raghupatal." He said, "Ah Tai! It is a mustard vegetable." And I gave a baby break. That means B.J.P. we all three failed. Let's go, I said, and again Paru came shouting from inside, "Hey, don't you have ears?" I said, "Yes! The glasses are on him that!" As she said, "Ears are not for holding glasses, ears are for hearing. Your mother is shouting your name over there. Go there." "Oh, but what does it say?" I said. She replied, "Then what should we say?" It's just a mess!" Bombaltah said what is the sound and she said in a soft voice, Bhanu speaks in a long way. Only his lips move, my ears hear nothing. Then I said, "Oh, social distancing should be followed right!" Then she said, "Hey, that gap has to be kept out. Not in the house and where does this common sense go at night? Yes!" Now I was going to speak. So I ran to my mother because Janu was listening. I went to my mother and said, "Mother, what do you want to say!" Mother said, "Paru, it is right there. Yesterday she seemed a bit teary to me so I asked her Beta Paru, why do you look sad? Do you feel like crying? So she said namo mom!" (Sometimes we call Mother Namo Aich). Mom, tell me the truth, do I look like a ghost? I said, "No son." She said, "Mom, my nose Is it like a buffalo?" I said, "Shh." She said, "Am I stupid, stupid, crazy?" I said, "No baby, not at all. It's all a lie." Then she exclaimed, "Hey, everyone around here tells me, you are just like your mother-in-law." I quickly said, mother! Did she say that? Mother said, hooray, that's what she said. I said to mother, mother! Don't think that she is like her mother, like my mother-in-law. I ran to Paru and Janu was crying. I asked Paru, "Paru, did you kill Janu?" She said, "Hey I told him quietly, Janu, study well. Get degrees, you will get smart, good wife. So you know what he said? He said, my father studied so much, graduated, what did he get? So I slapped him." I said to Janu, "Don't cry Janu. Such is one's fate, Baba." Then she said, "Oh Bhanu, don't over-exaggerate the subject, but now Janu tells the harmony of spirituality and the current situation very well. You should ask him. So he asked me questions Asked, "Janardan aka Janu, Bala, Moh - Maya - Jealousy - Anger, will you explain about Swadharma?" Janu filled the meeting like a saint-mahatmya and began to speak, "O ignorant man, what do you like to eat?" I said, "Ice candy, icefruit." So he said, listen to the nature of the common people, now listen to yourself. Do you hold your other hand under the candy while sucking on it? It is temptation. Even though the candy runs out, she continues to suck her stick, it's called greed. It is a sign of jealousy to think that the candy in front of you is still left after throwing away the candy.

Now while sucking the candy melts and falls down and only the stick remains in the hand is called anger. Lying in bed even after being fully awake is a sign of laziness. Even after locking the key and keeping the key in the pocket, pulling the key is called bhaya. After eating five panipuris, one returns to beg for free is called begging. Even after the mango fruit is finished, it is a delusional state to continue to draw air with a straw. It is considered a crime to go to buy grapes and put five or six grapes in your mouth while just asking for the price. After sitting in a row to eat, drink the juice from the bowl with the ginger coming from the front That is called ayyashi. Cutting flowers and fruits from someone's garden without asking is considered theft. An affair done secretly without asking the husband is adultery and any affair done by the husband without the wife's consent is called unfaithfulness. Money without hard work is greed. Looting money and hurting someone's heart are called sins. Disobeying parents and gurus is considered an unforgivable sin, and finally Janu said, "If you have heard all these explanations and if you have laughed or felt some insight, that is called self-peace." This is how my "B.J.Pa Namo" family is living a happy life.

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