Kessie's Dairy Today

7 Jan 2023

Every 24 hours of my life is always clouded with tragedy. It's been this way for quite a long time. No matter how hard I worked towards changing it. But the feelings today are quite different. Yes! Different in an amazing way. I feel like I've achieved every great thing in life. Every problem solved, every desire granted. I'm filled with all the happiness in the universe. I can't stop reflecting on the source of my inspiration and power. It's love. True love indeed! It changes and shapes things in good ways.

This just happens to be the best day of my life. The day that I was truly recognised, understood, and felt by him. I can see myself swimming in the ocean of affection in ways no human has ever experienced. I can't stop whirling in joy. My heart aches in a good way though. I know you're probably thinking, I'm insane. Yes, maybe I am but the insanity that "love" drives you in is the greatest feeling of all time. I am proud to say that. Disagreeing with me simply means your life is full of sad shits and I feel terrible for you. But I can't help but enjoy this moment of joy. Even if it's going to be ephemeral, it's worth it. Everyone gets to experience this once in their life so I must have well dined in forever.

That ending is sure possible, I create and design my fantasy and live in it so I don't care what you think. Just name me after love - Kessie Writes. Ciao.

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