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11 Jul 2022

Web 3.0: Where every interaction is a Transaction.

Bear with me for a minute, on this rant: The number one pet peeve of the current flavor of Web3 we're witnessing right now has to be this - Every interaction is becoming a transaction. It sucks the "humanity" out of the Metaverse being built. 

For example: Why must I "power up" to comment on someone's knowledge that they've taken the effort to share? My thoughts of appreciation or critique, flow in-the-moment. To voice that opinion I need to buy tokens? This is counter intuitive to the ethos of knowledge sharing and "tokenizes" thoughts and opinion. To counter spam, there could be a limited number of free comments per 24hr period or similar.

With that rant out of the way, here's some suggestions that would make the already pleasurable experience of blogging on BULB, even better (imo)

Embed Youtube Videos.

Currently there's no straightforward way to embed a YouTube video. Most blogging platform UI's auto recognize and format a YouTube video when pasting in a YouTube URL. Both web2 and many similar Web3 based blogging platforms I've tried.

IOUs for posts / commenting?

It would be great to have the platform "lend energy" up to the value of one blog post or two comment-credits to a member —while reminding them to 'power up' on tokens. These could then be auto deducted from their next recharge. I'd certainly advocate for 2 to 3 free comments per 24hrs, but otherwise an "iou" would be a good compromise.

Posts as NFT?

Some other Web3  Writing/Blogging platforms offer the option of selling an article (or even chapters of a book) as limited edition NFTs - possibly a layer2 solution so the blog post can facilitate editing after 'minting'  This would be great to implement for serious authors looking at BULB to monetize worthy literature and for users to 'own' the same.
While I'd then vouch for something 'exclusive' (art/video embed...) in the NFT that might not be available to free versions or publicly accessible versions of the writings.

Category and Tags:

Some important and relevant Post categories and Tags are missing:  Web3, Metaverse, Immersive Media, Journalism... come to mind.

Tips Jar:

If a particularly beneficial blog essay, report or article has helped readers, it would be nice to have an option where users can 'tip' BULB tokens or points. This makes a nicer option that marking a post "Premium" and would encourage and incentivize authors to write more meaningful posts; a good anti-pollution filter.

These are some suggestions I could think of based on the past 24 hours interacting with the BULB platform. It's an enjoyable start to the journey.

Would love to hear more 💡BULB ideas from fellow authors and readers.


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BULB Official
Wow what a fantastic article - genuine, constructive critique with some brilliant ideas. Thank you for sharing! The energy system is a key part of BULB and imperative to community success, @Eyesakov2123 raises a great point here. Also - you will be please to know that Article NFTs is a feature currently in development and will be released in the coming months!
I particularly like the ideas about giving writers 'tips' for good content and embedding YouTube videos. I think embedding audio-visual content would be awesome!! I do have to disagree with your critique of needing to spend Bulb energy in order to perform functions on the platform; this is actually one of my favourite things about Bulb. Firstly, peoples' user interactions vary on the platform. Some people comment much more than others; other people post much more than they comment. Having a homogenous limit on comments per 24 hours or something cannot account for these unique idiosyncrasies across users. Secondly (probably the most compelling reason), having 'energy' equalisers users and (to some extent) prevents some users from dominating the platform over others. I say 'to some extent' because I do realise that some users are more active than others. However, all users irrespective of their blogging expertise or background have 100 'energy' by default (unless they choose to purchase more of course, but this is limited by how many Bulb tokens you have). I see this as the better fail-safe mechanism to prevent users from "over-blogging" or "over-commenting" to the extent that they drown others out. And thirdly, personally I feel as if I appreciate Bulb more by having a finite amount of energy to spend per day. I'm forced to spend my time strategically according to what I want to achieve and share on the platform. These are just my thoughts. I'm open to any disagreement and healthy debate :)