Friend.Tech Review & Airdrop Speculation

1 Sept 2023

Friend.Tech Airdrop & Overview

Okay, we are gonna talk about the new platform that launched two weeks ago and has been getting massive trading volume and speculation on multiple influencers on the platform. From crypto experts to football stars lot of people are jumping in.
On top of this, there will be an airdrop that will be measured by points you gather by inviting people to use the platform.

We have to understand this is a very beta product at the moment so I'll be expecting more updates and value being done. Also speculating on my "KEY" is totally up in the air what value will it have, but I will be sharing promo codes and referral codes hopefully in the future, and videos of course.

The Room system they have developed is an interesting concept because you can start offering some alpha knowledge to your subscribers. You should be able to find me by searching Liteliger or my Twitter handle @Ligerlite in case you have access to the application. 

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I'm biased, but IMO Solcial does this a lot better. You can mint and trade user tokens and it's way cheaper plus you don't have the clunky interface that Friend.Tech has. The SLCL token is cheap ATM and you can stake it on the platform and earn yield based on your contributions. If you're already on BULB, Solcial makes a nice compliment to your Solana socialfi profile And right now a bunch of us on Solcial are running a user sign up campaign.
Will there be an airdrop or is it just pure speculation?
Friend.Tech has certainly garnered attention, but in the ever-changing landscape of cryptocurrencies, it's important to approach such projects with caution. The crypto world has seen its share of ups and downs, so it's wise to thoroughly research and assess the risks before getting too excited about any new venture.
This SocialFi is out there and has access problem as you will a key to access
Much prefer solcial at the moment. seems to be getting quite the attention though