11 Feb 2024

$NIBI airdrop will happen in 17 days.
The snapshot has not been taken yet!
Cost - free
Potential - $6500
Time - 10 min
Time is ticking away

Nibiru Chain is a Layer 1 (L1) blockchain and smart contract ecosystem that offers high throughput and security. It's a cutting-edge platform that offers reduced latency, high security, and superior throughput through Web Assembly smart contracts.
$26.5M raised.

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I've created a guide explaining each step so you get it right and don't make mistakes.

Airdrop Strategy

We are going to participate in Nibiru Chain $NIBI airdrop activities
The total cost of the strategy is $0, it's free
Secret airdrop multiplier is mentioned and used in the blog.

Install & Set-up Keplr wallet

Head to
Download & install wallet
Configure the wallet

Step 1

Head to
Connect Keplr wallet
Connect Twitter
Complete tasks

Step 2

Head to
Complete tasks

Step 3

Claim testnet $NIBI coins
Head to
Connect wallet
Click 'faucet'
Sign the transaction

Step 4

Head to
Choose validator
Select $NIBI amount & stake

Step 5

Remember to join the official discord, as some projects may filter out sybils based on the Discord Community membership basis.

Head to
Join the server
Verify membership


By following this strategy, you will participate in Nibiru Chain airdrop activities
Gleam completed
$NIBI staked
Faucet used
Social tasks completed

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