20 Sept 2022

I’m particular about my toe nail paint 
I think it’s just something peculiar to me 
I used to have a color grade and if I deviate from it I’ll be so uncomfortable to a fault 
I’m not particular when it comes to my finger nails 

One day my mom noticed and made a deal with me to come back with red painted nails 
I tried the first time and I couldn’t 
Tried the second time and I went with a friend who was there to coerce me to try out the color 

I flirted with the color red, but it came out so goooood. I wonder why I hadn’t tried it earlier. 
I've done a couple of red color paints since that day, I’m yet to try black, I just realized I might just be afraid of bold colors.

But I’m starting to be more open minded about colors and hopefully with time I’ll get over my obsessive color schemed nails. 

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