Jimmy's Thought on Success.

14 Apr 2024

Often times, we have been be confronted with the thought of what it takes to be successful. What is always our answer?

Here what Jimmy thinks:

The Ordinary Human perception.
Many assume it's because they were not born into rich homes,
Some because they didn't have Good parents to cater for them,
some because they didn't have the available resources,
some even believe there is a divine fate assigned to every man whereby some are destined to be poor and some destined to be rich....

All of these are mere excuses humans tender to why they are not successful or why they have/should settle for less, forgetting the fact that no one's fate is writing on a stone...

The Power of Your Imaginations
many have underestimated the POWER OF IMAGINATIONS and the works the mind does in the journey of a man...
The Mind, A Workshop of Greatness
Let me tell you a quick thing about the mind,
The Biggest workshop of greatness in the world is not the Mercedes automation Hall, not Space X rocket station, Not NASA station not any of the biggest workshops you know...Not even the Google head office... It's the MIND, every greatness, innovations, development you see today started from the mind!

The limit at which you can project in life is dependent on the dept your imaginations...what is going on in your mind?
what is the ability of your thoughts?
How far can you think?

Now you may ask, How about people that can't think big like the top world successful people? the answer is, everyone can think limitless, your mind is a workshop and the things you consume into your minds are what determines what you create in your mind!.
The Door to the Mind
There are only six ways a man can think a thing, only this ways can a thought even come in place
1. Spiritual implantation and the remaining are your 5 sense organs, EYES, NOSE, TONGUE, EAR, SKIN.
what you see, taste, smell, ear and feel determines what you can think and imagine...these are the doors to your mind!

and now you need be conscious of these things...
Expose yourself to value see and read value, listen to intelligent show and speaker, listen to innovations and developments expose yourself to value...
when you see new things you think new things
when you see great things you automatically can think great things
Assemble Greatness
now your mind is a place where you put all of these information together and create greatness..

Take Action!
Now knowledge is is knowing but wisdom is knowing and applying, Act on that idea, act on the plan, act on that dream...do it now!..

make it an Habit to feed your mind with value daily
and you can always start by following me!

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