School and education (learning): Why I adore education

15 May 2023

For many of us, the thought of school fills us with dread , the waking up early, trying to beat the time, the long hours in class and less I forget the assignments ,no wonder we look forward to every holidays because all these is enough to make anyone feel like quiting school
However, it's important we point out that school is not necessarily the same as education or learning, that is, one can learn or be educated in various ways .
Personally, I detest school because it often times fails to recognize the individual differences that exists amongst humans, its one-size-fits-all approach to education can be frustrating to those who prefer to learn in a different way or at a different paste
Secondly the school often is a restrictive environment that forces us to learn in a way that may not suit our individual needs or interest, there by not allowing us to explore and maximize our inert potentials and capabilities. The school curriculums and the marking scheme of teachers/lecturers limits the students in expressing themselves. I am a student of sociology where we are thought about Man in the society and become independent thinkers of how society works but here comes the examinations (the supposed test of your educational knowledge), and after the examinations, the results - and I saw people, a person in particular who I have interacted with, seen him write and breakdown seemingly complex theories into simple easy to understand writings but failed not because he didn't understand the question but because he didn't answer according to the marking scheme. So what happened in the next exam was that he also now restricted himself to fit the marking scheme and then began to have good grades, this is a clear example of how school controls and restrict expressions
Education and learning on the other hand, are things I adore , learning is a life long process that extends far beyond the four corners of the school . The beauty of learning is that it takes different forms, be it reading books, watching documentaries, watching educational videos, having conversations with people from different backgrounds or culture, attending workshops, watching people you would like to be like or even becoming an apprentice , there are endless possibilities of expanding our knowledge , understanding the world around us and maximizing our full potential
Need I say, that many of the world's most successful people did not excel in traditional academic settings (schools) instead they were able to achieve greatness because they pursued their interest and passion outside the school , often thorough self directed learning . Lionel Messi, Michael Jackson , Harrison Ford just to name a few.
Messi did not complete formal education as he left school at the age of 11 to focus on his football career, and he went to achieve many things, today he is called many names, one of such name is the little Genius, yes Genius in the art of playing football.
Michael Jackson was home-schooled and did not receive formal education in a traditional school setting. He began performing with his family in the Jackson 5 at a young age and went on to become one of the most successful musicians of all time.
Harrison Ford did not complete formal education as he dropped out of college after only one semester to pursue an acting career. He began his career in Hollywood as a contract player for Columbia Pictures and appeared in small television roles and films.Ford went on to become one of Hollywood's most successful and iconic actors, starring in many other films such as "Indiana Jones," "Blade Runner," and "The Fugitive." His talent and dedication to his craft have made him one of the most celebrated actors of his generation.
All these names were not formally educated but they were well educated in their craft and chosen field
Am I saying school is bad? No, of course we can't deny the benefits that comes with school (formal education settings) including but not limited to the acquisition of foundational skills and knowledge, the socialization that comes as being part of the school as well as the exposure to other people from backgrounds different from yours which all helps in shaping who we are and aids adjustment to life .
That being said it is important to remember that education is not limited to what we learn in school , Hive for instance is a community which I have learnt a lot from, things which I will never have been taught in school .
By embracing a love for learning and pursuing our internets and passions we can continue to grow and develop throughout our lives
While I may detest school and not agree with all its methods I adore education and learning and i strongly believe that by recognizing the value of both formal and informal education we can cultivate a life long love of learning and continue to grow and develop as individuals

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