Biography of The Dreamer

7 Jan 2023

Biography of The Dreamer

It all began in year 11, right before the last term was about to end. A teenage boy notices a girl that he finds quite attractive in his chemistry class. Every time she was around him he would fall deeper and deeper for her and he knew that she was the one and only for him. However he hasn't really gotten to know her well so he decides that it will be easier to just start fresh in year 12! Prior to this date, the boy had already experienced the hardships of what he is about to endure, and is prepared for anything. Year 12 arrives and the boy sits down in his chemistry class awaiting the mistress he has not seen in such a while, he waits and waits and waits and begins to wonder where on earth she might be. The teacher tells everyone that she has left the class because she changed lines so that she can do a different class that runs at the same time. The boy is in despair, the world had rid him of a rare opportunity to get to know the girl of his dreams. During recess and lunch the girl only hangs out with one of her friends which poses great difficulty for the boy to get closer to her. Having a studious mindset for year 12 she is constantly studying so she is always unavailable after school and on the weekends. So our young shy boy decides to talk to her on facebook seeing that they will rarely get to speak at school. They talk occasionally and get to know each other a little better, but she would always take a really long time to reply. School exams are coming up and she gets even more busy, the boy hears that the formal is coming up and dearly wishes to go with her. However he decides to wait until after the exams when she is less stressed and more likely to say yes. One afternoon when the boy is studying on his own a friend of his enters the room and says "Sorry to burst your bubble bro, but someone has already asked her to the formal and she said yes". Having taken in such blunt, demoralising information, the boy sits there, holding in his sadness as he says "it's aight i guess, maybe i should have gone sooner". After the exams were done, the boy decides to talk to one of his mates about how he should proceed with his life. They come to the conclusion that since she is already taken to the formal it can be overwritten by the boy going out with her for real. One week before the end of the term, a friend announces that he is having his 18th birthday at his house, and the girl is invited as well. So the boy and his friend plan what the boy should be doing at the party. They decide that the boy should get closer to her by, having a nice chat off to the sides while everyone is drinking, and maybe ask her to the movies or the city if she is free in the holidays. A few days before the party the boy decides to go shopping with his mates to get something nice to wear for the party. All in hope that he can bring out the best looks in himself so he can catch the eye of the girl of his dreams. He invests a portion of his savings which he hopes to aid in his conquest. Party day arrives and the first thing the boys sees is some guy from another school who she knows giving each other a warmhearted hug. Being his shy self at a party who had never drank before he decided to get some liquor and find his girl. The girl was in the pool with another one of her friends talking so he decides to go over there as well, since he was already kind of friends with that other girl. The boy goes over to the pool and gets in, however the girl he likes decides to get out after only a minute. Confused and unable to comprehend why she has already gotten out due to his drunk state the boy her friend talk for a bit, but she doesnt come back. They get out of the pool and notice the girl sitting with that guy earlier, drunk as hell embracing eachother. The boys heart ripping to shreds as he first handedly experiences the brutality of the girl he likes with another boy like that. They spend around the next 2 hours like that, but the boy is drunk as hell and is able to survive the night. When its time to sleep (3:30am) the boy is lieing down on the ground and notices the girl and the guy come up the stairs and grab some cushions. He gets up to see what they are doing, but they are just getting things to sleep on downstairs, he walks down and notice they are sleeping right next to each other. Another morale crushing sight to witness as the boy tries to sleep off his sorrows. That night the boy doesn't sleep for much more than 2 hours. His mate wakes up at 5:30am and starts tryin to cheer him up, as they talk about something until they both decide to sleep again. When the morning comes half of the people are awake, half are still dead on the couches, including the boy. Its 8:00am, he feels like shit, he failed his mission and just wants to leave this place and forget about such a dreadful although semi enjoyable night. A few days after the party, the boy has recovered, he is sitting on his bed, and receives a long message from that girl he likes. He looks at the message, and it is her version of an apology. "If it seemed like I was ignoring you during the party I'm really sorry" In his head he thinks, "OK, so i guess she found out that i liked her". The boy essentially confesses to her on the spot, even though for sure she knows. However she tells him that she gets scared when people say that they like her because she just doesnt want to lead them on. She continues to tell him that he is a "genuine guy" and then eventually concludes that she doesn't want to date anyone this year because of the hsc, and will most likely not like anyone. However, she says that she still wants to be friends and wants to get to know him better as well over the few terms they have left at school. So this boy, who was ignored at a party and recently friend zoned is in a crippling state. However he is persistent and knows there is always hope to be with the girl of his dreams. Throughout the following term the boy and the girl start studying together during their free periods and get to become better friends. Although one and a half weeks passes by and she no longer shows up to the place where they usually study. She eventually tells him that its too cold outside and wants to study in the library, despite the boy knowing that's a lie, it isn't really cold at all. Since exams are coming up they are both busy and dont get to see each other much and she still averages a one day reply on facebook. One term later the boy is walking with his mates, having some laughs, all of a sudden a friend comes by and says " ur gonna wanna hear this mate its important" Apparently according to someone she was talking to, she's interested in a guy at our school, she might start to. "Oh yeah that's fine if she finds interest in another guy theres not much i can do about it" the boy says. On the outside the boy is calm and collected but deep down he feels a sense of jealousy and a rush of sadness. Later on he hears that his crush and the guy she likes are now going out. One week they had gotten to know each other band they were already going out. The boy entire confidence perished, he felt as if he had been defeated by a superior man. The girl of his dreams, taken by an adolescent in the space of only a week. At this stage the boy has begun the process of locking away his feelings for her since this is basically the endpoint of his hopes. Although we all know how hard to it to just rid feelings for a person you have liked for a lot time, so he will always have lingering feelings for her. Eventually she starts acting weird around him, avoiding eye contact, less facebook talking even tho it is minimal as it is. So the boy thinks to himself on earth he could have done to make this happen. After thinking about it for a while, the boy comes to realise that she probably feels awkward going out with a guy, and still being friends with the person who likes her. She might think the boy will be infuriated or be incredibly jealous, so she decided to just stop talking to him on facebook. He talks to his mate about this, and he agrees to my theory as well, so he tells him that he should talk to her about this, let her know that there is nothing for her to worry about. On facebook one night the boy asks her if she is ignoring him for a particular reason, but she says she is just caught up in a few things and forgot about his messages. Lies, the boy thinks, she is lying for sure. He questions that she may be she ignoring him because of the whole situation that is going on with her and her new boyfriend. Eventually she does open up and says she still didnt really know how the boy felt towards her all this time, and was afraid he would be hurt so she didnt know what to do. So she had thought it would be best to leave the situation and let their friendship float away. The expected response didnt surprise him too much, so he tells her that he'd gotten over her quite a while ago and wouldn't be hurt at all if they were to continue their relationship. So after all of the miscommunications, they became friends again. After that event the boy's run had finished, he had finally given up knowing that there is no chance of it working, it was a solid effort, but in the real world sometimes if you give it your best it doesnt always work out. The boy continues on his HSC journey, coping with the year long defeat he has been enduring since it begun. The boy and the girl continue to stay in touch, although the boy still has lingering feelings for her, it really is hard to say goodbye to the feelings you once had towards the girl of your dreams.

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