Is Time Travel possible ?

30 Jul 2022

Even science cannot completely deny the theory of time travel. While watching science fiction movies of time travel, a very confusing question often comes to our mind, is it really possible? On the other hand, when we talk to someone else about this, most people avoid time travel as science fiction, but do you know that even science has not completely denied the theory of time travel.
Leela Reddy, you may not know him. Till some time ago I also did not know about them but recently a news caught my attention while doing google. Then I came to know that Leela Reddy is an Indian-origin neuroscientist who has succeeded in isolating the 'time cells' present in the human brain at the 'French National Center for Scientific Research'.
What are Time Sales?
According to research, 'time cells' are those cells present in the brain that keep track of time. With the help of these, a person is able to remember the events of the past in a sequential manner. In this research, it was found that the whole cycle of time is sequentially marked in the hippocampus of the brain and the brain is able to complete the sequence of events in the past with the help of 'time cells'.
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It is not possible to understand the concept of time-travel without understanding the principles of relativity. Before the advent of this theory, it was believed that time is the same for all, constant or absolute, that is, whether two people are on any two corners of the world, time will be the same for both. It was because of this thinking that time was considered universal.
This is a paradox in which a person has no past. For example, let's say a young inventor is sitting in his garage trying to build a time machine. Suddenly an old man appears in front of him and becomes invisible by giving him the method of making a time vehicle. The young inventor becomes a billionaire by earning a lot of money from the stock market, horse racing, sports betting from the information gained from time travel. When he becomes old, he travels in time and goes to the past and comes by giving a method to make his own youth a time vehicle.
i don't know what do you call time travel and how it is connected with our brain or memory
Einstein stated in his theory of special relativity that time travel is possible. Einstein said that if an object moves faster, time will slow down and the object will be in the future relative to a stationary observer.
Good post
Time is my favourite topic and i read about this
I watched movies and serious on time travel theory.