The love about relations part 1

2 Nov 2022

Should be punished. Because by opposing the child's love affair, their marriage is decided elsewhere. Then those love heroes run away like that." said the aunt. "Do girls think they are slaves to play with a girl's life as they want by doing their own will?" But it was no use expressing our displeasure. When Viraj came to our house himself, uncle's happiness was sky high. If they find out all the information about the boy, he will get a good job, a big flat to live in, the only one! There is no responsibility and the main thing is that his parents gave their consent. Then the excitement in our house was just born.

After we got married, when we were on our honeymoon, I asked Viraj straight up the pre-marriage question, "How did you propose to me with the background information that my marriage broke up?" "You are amazing! Are these questions to be asked when leaving for honeymoon? Later, the questions have to be solved throughout life Let's see!" "But I still want an answer." "No! Then listen! Marriage knots are tied by the Lord. At least I believe this. Because I went to see a girl for a friend and got married." "You are great! Thank you for your kindness! All girls should meet boys like you, Dad!" "Just thank you very much! Be creative!" Viraj said taking me close. I also drifted in the mist of that love. I felt grateful that Viraj married me. I was so overwhelmed by that favor that it took me a long time to realize that Viraj was taking advantage of it. My first impression that my husband is very understanding turned out to be very confusing. On the contrary, I realized very late that he was very farsighted in marrying me. A girl who is overwhelmed by the situation will not complain at home. He was sure that he would compromise on the contrary. And I finished it. Everything should be according to his own mind Mother-in-law's children were not alive. The astrologer had said that Viraj was a very young boy, so this boy would be short-lived. So protect him with oil in his eyes! Not wanting to hurt him, he would give in to his every urge. So he immediately agreed to the girl he decided! My mother-in-law expects me to always follow her wishes. I used to take care of my office, little Isha, housework and keep dancing as he said. 'Now I want to go to the party. Prepare quickly!' Viraj would just say that he would leave immediately. It used to be half past one to return home at night. When he came home again, he used to support his love with a worn out body and he would get up in the morning and go to work without any complaint. Every now and then the office would get a call, 'We have a party tonight. You should come home early!' I had to leave half a day off and reach home and start preparing. In it, the clan religion of the house continues like patriarchy! Doing all this, I used to have enough. I couldn't tell where I was thinking. When you go home and see a sad face, uncle And both mothers used to shout, "What happened to make such a cute face? A daughter like gold, a sensible husband, a loving mother-in-law! If you still can't handle both office and home, quit your job and stay at home." "Quit the job? When we see the huge expenses of our house, it is time to roll our eyes. I can not leave the job! I can do whatever I can think of for the girl because the guy gets the rightful four paise!" That's all I said. What will hear the rest of the complaints! And if they say something about Viraj, will they believe it? It has been carried out as far as possible. Isha is getting love from all of them.

I made as many compromises as possible as children need the warmth of the house at this age, but it was good that I did not quit my job. Even now, taking care of Ishaan and working will be a lot of strain. But I must do it. Only then can I rightfully spend four paise for Ishaan. And Viraj also won't be able to talk to me about money regarding Ishaan. Still, while talking, he told me once, "I did not increase my family so as not to upset the budget of the house. But ours Taking care of someone else's children is seen in destiny. You have to suffer all this only because of your stubbornness." "Stubborn you call this? I think this is a simple human relationship. Oh Ishaan you consider as a stranger but I have blood relation with him. And let it go. But even if it had happened next door, I would have brought the boy home." "Why are there so many children roaming around in the neighborhood, even on the streets. Bring them too, so we can open an orphanage! It will be okay even if our world is messed up." "Viraj, what are you talking about? Am I ignoring the world or what?" "Ignore? I think you will not hesitate to leave the world. You are worth none of us before that Ishaan." "Look, I can say the same. For the past eleven years, I have been doing all of you with all my heart, but no one is worth it. That's why no one can think sympathetically about my situation. And Viraj, no woman wants to leave her world. But if the time comes, there is no cure. on me The time should not come, but if the time comes, even if I have to leave the house, I will not leave Ishaan." As soon as Viraj came out after hearing this, I noticed that Isha was standing at the door listening to our conversation. She also ran away when I lost my attention. I don't know what to do. How long will this go on? It is time to say 'Whose burden is on whose shoulders?' The burden of our life was on my uncle's shoulders. They did it but I have experienced that there is a big difference between growing up in the shadow of parents and growing up in another house.

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