Youthful memory

12 May 2023

Let me see, a period in your life,

A time when you felt the world.

Perhaps it was a sunny, happy day, or a time when love flooded your heart with tenderness.

After all your hard work paid off, perhaps it was a time to celebrate and be proud.

Maybe a sad period when you cried uncontrollably and wished the agony would just go away.

Let me sit with you for a while and listen to your story while you transport me back in time, whatever it was.

Let's relive that experience and learn again what and when made it so great.

Was that the day you ascended the mountain, buddies by your side, sun shining?

Or was the day you gave a speech on stage, making your loved ones proud, out of reach?

Maybe it was the first time you held your child and felt the warmth of their little fingers entwining.

Or the day you bid a loved one farewell and experienced the weight of loss like the sinking sun.

Whatever it was, it must have been wonderful and a period that improved your understanding.

How each moment is ours to savor, both in its beauty and its suffering, in this life we walk.

So, cling tenaciously to that memory and be assured that it will never fade.

Every moment in your life—good or bad—is a priceless part of who you are.

And let us wonder at the voyage and the ascent as we sit here remembering your time.

For it is the accumulation of all these events that makes us the unique individuals that we are.

Because they are the foundation of a life that is so precious, appreciate each and every moment, every laugh, and every cry.

And when you reflect on the years that have passed, keep in mind the times when you felt the most alive.

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