Who is real Human?

20 Jul 2022

Who is real Human?
The face of every human being, its appearance is completely different. In such a situation, the appearance of any two human beings can be just a matter of your eyes. If we tighten on the scale of science, then no two faces will be alike. For this, eight qualities like eyes, nose, ears, hair texture are matched.
Never ask anyone for money unnecessarily all the time.
One who talks less and listens more.
Being honest.
Stays away from theft, addiction, lies, desire.
Believing in God To have a sense of humanity. To be a bit irritable. To be able to distance oneself from attachment of any kind.
A good person is always honest in handling his relationship.

He respects the relationships built with people.

He remains loyal with others and fulfills his commitment when he has become committed to something.
If it comes to praising others, many times we do not do it.

But a good person does not hold back from doing this work.

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Many questions come to mind about a good person that what should be the quality of a good person? Is it the quality of a good person to harm oneself just thinking about everyone else? Is it the only good person to help others by spending more money? Is it a good person to make a mistake and correct it with money? Is the one who has done a lot of wrong in the past and then the one who walks the path of goodness is a good person?
Wonderful traits of humans. Nice post and thanks for sharing
In today's time, taking care of the happiness of others is not the quality of a good person because neither you are God nor any great person, who sacrifices his happiness and gives happiness to others. A person who is happy himself and has positive energy can give happiness to others.